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EVO 2016: The TAY Discord Chat


Hello TAY! Once again the Evolution Championship Series, aka EVO, is upon us! More specifically this weekend, July 15th-17th.

I remember last year a handful of us enjoyed watching the stream(s) on and off, especially the nail biting run Gamerbee had at the Ultra Street Fighter IV Finals. So this year I invite you to join us on our TAY Discord Channel specifically set up for EVO.

Speaking of last year, the HD/Source streams were behind a subscription paywall. This year they are instead available FREE to everyone. GET HYPE!

Here’s the stream schedule which will be over five streams this year. For a bit more details hop on over to Shoryuken. I plan to catch as many finals as possible and see how Super Smash Bros. Wii U plays out.


So get hype, don’t forget your salt, and I’ll see you guys in the Discord chat! And here’s some hype moments from last year to get you started:

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