Just a bit of an update on that Genesis review I've been working on. The Sega CD now works perfectly (after swapping out the fuse)! ... Almost. For whatever reason, it doesn't play Lunar 1, no matter how many times I burn it. And that's the main reason I bought the thing! Sigh. I have, however, played a bunch of FANTASTIC Sega CD games I'd never heard of before I started looking the machine up, such as Bari-Arm, Sol-Feace and Lords of Thunder.

But the above paragraph has nothing to do with these pictures. These images are of my 32X, and I'm really starting to hate this thing. Of the entire 40-game library, there's literally only four I'm interested in - Knuckles Chaotix, Kolibri, After Burner and Space Harrier. It almost isn't worth the effort to fix this thing. However, I'm stubborn. I've tried fiddling with those fat white ribbon cables above as the internet suggests doing, but no luck. The connections all look fine, so there's probably some issues with the wires or capacitors. So you know what? I'm replacing all of it! It'll only cost about $5 to replace every capacitor and wire on this board. The ICs (or "microchips" as TV calls them) are pretty much immortal, and honestly, the whole board is in great shape. I might redo some of the solder too, if I'm feeling intrepid.


If any of you have any suggestions on how to fix this thing, I'm all for it.

Fucking 32X.