Have an extra $1000 laying around the house? Burning a hole in your pocket? But wait, if you call in the next ten minutes we'll lower the price by $5. That's right - only $995 for four (count'em four!) Game Boy Advances decked out with custom paint jobs, backlit screens and enough allure to get back that ex you're sorry you ever let go (you know the one).

These bad boys are available ONLY trough Rose Colored Gaming. And there's only one set left *GASP* in the entire world *DOUBLE GASP*

This ambitious custom one time offer includes 4 complete custom modded GBA's with the following mods and features:

  • Custom Gamecube to GBA link cables
  • Backlit modern LCD mod
  • Back half of shells are brand new, transparent, with colored finish
  • Front half of shells are original Nintendo-made shells
  • Custom cast buttons and D-pad
  • Custom gold L,R, and bumpers
  • Custom graphics
  • Custom hand made packaging that "Links" together
  • Custom special Zelda serial and model labels on back
  • Glass lens upgrades to each

They're so pretty it hurts.



More tasty GBA art can be found here.

So who wants to go in for $250 a piece with me?