It’s that time of year when I open up my books to show what kinda games I’m buying, and how much I save/fail to save. Come in and take at a look at how this year compared to last year. There’ll be more spreadsheets…

I failed to match last year’s saving, I failed to earn as much credit, and I acquired “too many” games. It’s not all bad news though. Here’s my list from the year, after the list is my totals card for the year.

The OO’s stand for Digital Content the XX’s are for games.


You’ll see that I picked up 44 games, 33 of which were free from Games with Gold. At E3 Microsoft announced that Games with Gold on the 360 would all be backwards compatible on the Xbox One. I think that announcement explains the uptick. You can also see that I live in a state that charges sales tax for digital games, which I’m starting to think is BS. I’m surprised and happy for the $5.30 per game. Overall, I think I had a pretty solid year for games, even if I didn’t buy many new releases.

You’ll notice Fallout 4 DLC is blacked out. If you recall, Microsoft accidentally gave the season pass away for nothin’. They ended up taking away the DLC but gave a $10 credit.

I was able to pick up the 3DS black Friday deal, which led to more hardware purchases. This was very much an unexpected purchase, but I’ve wanted something from Nintendo for a few years now. The ante for a Nintendo system was always higher than I was willing to commit. You’ll that see that this purchase alone added roughly 12 games and $377.88 to my radar. I plan on filling out the library for it this year, but the Switch might alter those plans.


I bought ANOTHER controller. I stepped on my headset and had to buy a new one. Ooooh was I ever pissed when I opened the box to find the new type of headphone connector instead of the original one. I had completely forgotten was even a thing! I had to return it, and look for a new one elsewhere. There was no mention of the connector type on the box when I looked afterward.

In October I had to make some tough decisions. Using Bing, I had accrued around $60 in credit. The issue was some of these funds were scheduled to expire at the end of the month, with even more set to expire in November. With my backlog in mind, I decided that rather than getting a full $60 brand new game, I would look for smaller “arcade games” or DLC. I waited for good deals, but nothing really came along. At the end of the month I went with the season pass for the Witcher 3, which I’ve heard nothing but good things about, Play Dead’s Inside and Dead Rising 3 from the Halloween sale. So, in the end I bought another full game and countless hours of DLC.

Here’s the bottom line:


$315.71 for the year is higher than what I was expecting, but when I look at the list of games and the 77% off MSRP, I can’t be too upset. If you were to take the hardware out it would be $258.35 total. With the credit applied it would be $104.35, which is just about perfect and way less than I expected.

I think the 33% for “What I Saved” is going to be the norm going forward. I had less credit income this year, due to a crackdown of alt Bing accounts. Luckily, my main account was left intact. You’ll see in the next comparison picture that I earned $55.50 less in 2016 than 2015. I will be getting less free credit, but I’m honestly not too sad about the loss of those accounts. If you’re dying to know what my credit inflow looked like, I suppose I could publish it in the comments.


I spent $176.51 more in 2016 than in 2015. Again, mostly due to hardware purchases. You can see that I picked up 17 more games, 15 more free games, I paid money on 2 more games but only 1 more was full priced. I spent about half as much per game, and $5.30 for an average price per game (even the $23.27 for MSRP) is pretty hard to top!

* *

I was able to complete 10 games this year. Early in the year I pilfered the few missing achievements in Black Flag. I saved Mudokons from being turned into food in the Spring and escaped from all the prisons of The Escapists in the summer. I got my fill of fighting plague surviving jerks in The Division, I might revisit this game and try to beat it on hard, but the game glitched and I won’t be able finish the collectibles. I wrapped up two Magic the Gathering games, and I saved South Park from zombie Nazis. I also finished MGSV and went through it again to complete the missions with an S-Rank. I need to replay The Witcher 2 to chase after a few more achievements, but I was able to see the end of it. I ran through Inside, but I’ll need to go back to find the secrets. As I’m typing this I’m working on The Witcher 3.


Here’s how my radar looks at the moment.

The blips on “My Radar” are getting out of control and sloppy looking. Some of these games are going to be stricken from the list in 2017 forever lost to the tides of time…probably. As always, the ”willing to pay” category is extremely fluid, and it doesn’t always mean too much. One thing I noticed is that I don’t have very many games on the radar for 2017. I plan on surfing through a few lists on the World Wide Web for games expected to release in 2017 once I build next year’s report. I also plan on getting a Nintendo Switch and that new Zelda game, so I’m expecting next year to fall to be somewhere between 2016 and 2014 when it comes to savings.


2017 is going to be a big year for me, especially the Summer/Fall, so I’m not sure what the future holds when it comes to gaming. But, I’ll be keeping track!

Thanks for reading. If you have any questions feel free to ask me to explain myself.

Edit 1/1 - Here is 2015's Report and here is 2014's.