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EXXXpense Report: 2018

The year 2018 was a pretty big year in gaming, are you still mad about your favorite games getting snubbed on game of the year lists? Well forget about all that and come check out just how much I spent supporting my gaming habits in 2018. It’s shorter than last year I promise!



I’ve been spending less time gaming so, once again, I’ve been keeping my purchases to a minimum. I’m really happy with how much I spent. There aren’t too many notable purchases… Assassins Creed Unity for 99 cents was a really good deal. I really enjoyed what I’ve played of it so far too.

Nostalgia struck me in the summer once again. It caused me to pick up Final Fantasy VIII on steam (my 12th PC Game!) Luckily, Square-Enix spared me the embarrassment of having to buy the game a 3rd time, by completely ignoring it when they announced they were bringing the old FF games to the Switch.

I also stayed true to my word to Ubisoft. I had always promised to buy Splinter Cell Blacklist if they brought it to modern consoles in some way. I was sure they would polish it up and re-release it like they eventually did with Assassins Creed Rogue; instead it was added to backwards compatibility. I picked it up as soon as I could afford to spend money on it. I found it very interesting how the disc price went from hovering around $10 to well over $20 just before the backwards compatibility was announced.

I happened to notice that sales tax has gone up $.03 since they first added it to my state.


2018 Card


Because of the slower year, there isn’t too much to see here either. This is mostly a look at Xbox Games with Gold. I saved 80% off MSRP, and spent about $20 a month. I also spent less per game in 2018 than the last 5 years; which is good because of these 49 games I only played 5 and beat 1.

Two new categories were added in 2018, gifted games and average spent per month. One of those new categories, as I’m typing this, I feel guilty about. In September an online friend gifted me a Titanfall 2. It was a very nice and thoughtful act and I repaid the kindness by not touching the game at all. I plan on changing that and returning the favor in 2019.


This is what I spent after applying credit. Microsoft ended their Xbox rewards program and rolled it into their Bing Rewards this year. I wasn’t getting much value from the rewards program so I’m indifferent about the move. The next card you’ll see is my year comparison card. You’ll see that my credit income dropped in 2018. I still managed to earn just $71.50 in credit which is about 30% of what I spent this year. That credit brought my total spent down to $163.10.


2018 introduced a tiny, well talked about, itys-bitsy hurdle when it comes to tracking what games I have access to and why. That hurdle is called Game Pass. My catalog is probably the best place to handle this. I can track the purchase of the subscription through here and probably create a list of games that I play just through Game Pass. My main concern is that I’ll play a game, have the achievements to prove it, but forget how I had access to it. I don’t really have the need for Game Pass, but they’re practically giving it away for free. I doubt I would ever pay for the full subscription, but I have accrued a 6 month pass. The reason I mention this is because it hits me as a “strange new change” that doesn’t conform to my system. It’s a neon green glowing sign of how playing games has been changing this generation.



This is my 5th year of tracking purchases. I hoped I would be able to gain some information as to how I spend money on games. But the main, and maybe only, insight I received is something that should probably be obvious. Buying a console is one of the more expensive purchases in gaming. It’s not just the high price point of the hardware either, but the willingness to spend more money on full priced games and accessories. 2014,2016,2017 were all years that I bought consoles. I’ve cut my spending dramatically, but I don’t think it’s necessarily because of this report.

With the small amount of gaming I’ve done I’m glad that 2018 saw the least amount of money spent. It would feel pretty lousy to spend a lot money with nothing but a backlog to show for it.


You can see that I saved more up front by my difference between retail and what I’ve spent. The price per game being at $3.75 is a clear indication to me as well. Despite the year seeing the least amount of money spent, I obtained the 2nd most amount of games.

I haven’t been showing my radar, but my “blips” have been wiped out over the year. I came into the year with 49 and leave it at 29. I just plain lost interest in most, but according to some (sketchy) math I’ve obtained 22. I haven’t really needed ideas of which games to buy, so I’ve slacked off adding to the radar.


Credit is the least it has been in 5 years, but this is somewhat misleading. Since the changes mentioned last year, I’ve changed my tactics. Instead of redeeming $5 and $10 at a time, having the credit expire, and feeling forced to settle for a game; I would save up my points and use them to reduce the price of an Xbox One X.

Over the year 14 of my Xbox 360 games were made backwards compatible, making 76% of my collection backwards compatible now. I’m super happy with how many games they were able to support. There are a few more long shots that I hope are added, but even if they don’t add one more single game that I own, I’ll consider their efforts a success.


My rarest achievement was (probably) Full Package from SUPERHOT. It’s worth 50 points, it was easy, and only .21% of gamers earned it.

Well, that about wraps it up. Feel free to point out mistakes, ask questions, or share any lists that you may have.


Thank you for the help Zarnyx!

And thank you to my wife for spotting the fart.

You can find the last 4 years here: 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014. or...

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