The Introduction: This is the creator of this season's Log Horizon's first work. This show is about a world wrought with war and corruption, Humans and Demons fighting one another tooth and nail, with no end in sight. Enter Yuusha (literally Hero in Japanese, seriously this is his name) the hero, who goes to fight and kill the Demon King ending the war once and for all. The only problem is once he gets to the demon realm, the Demon King isn't a king at all she's a Queen (Named maou, literally Demon King because of course she is)! What's more is that she doesn't want to fight Yuusha at all. Instead she wants to end the war peacefully and make it so there is no need for war any longer. The show is about their struggles to end the war and find lasting peace for themselves.

The Fabulous: The economics of the show is the focal point. Seriously, the best part about this show is that Maou doesn't fight with demon fighting strength, but rather by manipulating the society she's ingrained herself in with education and economics. The way that they decide to do things through Agriculture and a number of tense negotiations is one of the cooler plot mechanisms I've seen from an anime in a long while and it makes the series feel unique. The interaction between Yuusha, Maou, Female Knight (yup that's her name too) and Head Maid (beginning to see a trend here?) is another high point for the series. Both Maou and Female Knight are in love with Yuusha (this isn't a spoiler it's pretty upfront about this). But this isn't your typical love triangle situation, Yuusha's aware of the situation though he feigns being dense like the typical protagonist, it's just because he's got an existential dilemma going on. In fact it's clear from the first episode that Yuusha and Maou love each other. Sorry Female Knight! Head Maid is also another plus for the series as her voice actress does a stellar job and ads some really cool moments to the show. Also the Older Sister Maid (Yup.) I was also surprised by the show of restraint in terms of fanservice with this show. Yes Maou has ridiculously huge boobs, and they're used as jokes a number of times, but for the most part it's jokes, and not pandering. It's a nice change of pace.


The Meh: Yuusha is crazy OP. Like blows up a mountain with DBZ esque blasts without breaking a sweat. He could probably ended the war by nuking the Demon Realm before even having to meet Maou, which is a little story breaking if you think about it, but I forgive the show, because mainly I was totally addicted by the negotiations and machinations of a number of different interesting characters. Speaking of characters, some of the characters were interesting, but really got the short end of the stick in terms of screen time and character development. Witch I'm looking at you. The passage of time can be a bit strange from time to time, it takes place over approximately two and a half years I believe, but the time skips are random in length and not always explained properly so sometimes it's confusing how long it's been since characters have interacted.

The Unfabulous: The ending. This is getting to be a trend with a lot of the shows I've been reviewing lately. The ending here leaves so much unresolved that I thought there were more episodes that I had somehow missed. I want more of Yuusha and Maou working together, I want to see what happens with the Alliance Merchant's Guild. I want to see more of the Winter King and his dealings as the new head of the Southern Triad. I want MORE. There are more light novels remaining in the series, but now that Log Horizon is airing, I'm curious as to whether they will alternate years for more content for each or if we won't get to see any more of this fascinating world.


The Conclusion: This was a fantastic and unique series totally marred by the unsatisfactory ending. I hate the way I won't (probably) know what happened to these characters I've come to know and care about. I'm thinking because of this I have to knock its train score down from 5 trains down to 4. It's a shame because with a little more of what made it so great and some closure would put it up there with some of my all time favorites.

4/5 trains.