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Fabulous Fyst Trainime Review - Psycho Pass

The Introduction: Psycho-Pass is an incredibly well thought out anime about a society in the future where crime has been limited significantly by the establishment of a system that can instantaneously measure a person's mental state, personality, and the probability that a person will commit crimes in the future. This is called the person's Psycho-Pass. The story revolves around the police department involved with crime in this society and the moral and ethical quandaries that come with living in this type of society.


The Fabulous: Absolutely brilliant villains, this show's success really hinged on the quality of it's villains and Makishima Shogo and ... not going to say the other central villain, but let's just say it works fantastically. Shogo is charismatic, intelligent and somewhat sadistic. It's a good thing then that Akane (who is the main protagonist of this story, not Shinya) is such a good foil for him. It's intelligent. This show requires thought and has a whole bunch of references to literature thrown in for good measure, it's definitely not a light hearted show and doesn't water itself down for the audience. It doesn't slow down the action with needless exposition, and most of the time it works things out between dialog and action, it treats the viewer as an intelligent person capable of keeping up, which is oh so nice. The relationship between Gino and Masaoka is a good example of this and the subtlety is appreciated. Another thing that was really interesting was the class hierarchy that came into existence with the hue system that they implement in the show, it really begins to show the problems with a system where free will is limited and things are decided by the group rather than the individual. It's all very cool stuff. The twists, oh boy the twists, it's been a while since an anime actually caught me off guard and did something that surprised me. Psycho-Pass is supremely good at doing that. It even had an episode that literally took my breadth away with a very powerful scene between Shogo, Akane and a third person... (intentionally being vague, don't want to ruin anything at all)

The Meh: There are a few episodes in the beginning that move incredibly slowly. The show doesn't really begin to fire on all cylinders until about episode 5. The first episode is fantastic and draws you in and then 2-4 are pretty slow, still interesting as hell, but much much slower paced. Once this show has you in it's grip though, there's no going back, be prepared to watch the whole thing in a very short period of time.


The Unfabulous: Nothing. Ok there are a few things that niggle at me from the end of this series, but really it's a result of there being a second season announced. This series is one of the few series that ends on an extremely satisfying note. It comes around full circle, and gives the viewer a sense of closure. Sure there are a few loose ends at the end of the season, but it's almost as if they feel natural in this world and didn't need a full season to explore them, but I'll reserve judgment on them until I see the thing.

The Conclusion: This is probably my favorite anime to come out in the last decade. Seriously, it's near perfect (even if it's completely depressing at times) I give this 5/5 trains.


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