And here we are, it's the first week of the new season, the week where I bust out of my hibernation in fabulous fashion to give you all an idea about what's airing this season of anime! Yes, yes I know I've been dead and gone for a while, but I'm back again, for a while I hope, maybe, who the heck knows. They can't keep me away from TAY at work forever! muahahahaha *gets black bag thrown over head and kidnapped*


Well that sure was different! This show is about our main protagonist Tomo, an otaku who's interested in creating a doujin game for comiket with a group of friends from school (who all happen to be female). I usually hate a lot of what happens in the first episode of SaeKano (How to raise a boring girlfriend). The onsen scene chock full of fanservice, the heavy handed exposition dump to introduce us to the characters, a wimpy otaku main hero who you wonder how in the hell became the center of this harem, and the clear favoritism shown to one character that you just KNOW will become the main love interest. SaeKano then takes all of that, throws in a hefty dose of meta, and systematically flips it all on its head. It thoroughly entertained me, poking fun at the tropes of anime while still managing to string together a nice little narrative.

Verdict: Loved it! I'll be keeping an eye on this one

Tokyo Ghoul √A

Ok usually I don't put sequel series in here, but I LOVED the first season, so I just figured I'd throw this one in here too. :3 DO NOT start here if you missed the first season, it makes no attempts to introduce us to the characters or even to recap past events, heck I was even a little lost myself at first. I'd suggest going back and at least watching the last episode of the previous season first. All the gruesome action is back from last season, though the show is a little more bold in it's storytelling this time around, looking to show the audience what's going on rather than relying on heavy amounts of dialog.


Verdict: Slightly confusing, but still the same old goodness

Assassination Classroom

An alien? or monster or whatever has blown up the moon. He now has brought himself to a high school to teach students. The only caveat is they have to kill him by the end of the year or he will destroy the Earth! This season's Akame ga Kill styled show. Dark violence overlaid with silly humor. If you like that style of show, there's something in here to find enjoyment from though the humor is a little more prevalent than the violence regardless of the name. I'm finding it really hard to get invested in a show with a smileyfaced tentacle monster, but that's just me. It's just difficult to grasp the stakes of the danger with this silly looking thing in front of your face.


Verdict: Ooookaaay, but I'm still on the fence

Absolute Duo

Well if you were looking for a dose of super powered highschool kids duking it out to fight some mysterious force, I guess you could do worse than this, bonus points for naming it's main character Thor. You see, Thor has the mysterious power of blaze to manifest a weapon out of your soul, it just so happens that his "weapon" is a shield. Whatever is he to do?! Pair up with a dual wielding white haired girl I guess. Other than that a pretty bland trope filled first episode. Though it seems to know it. This seems to be one of those shows I'll start watching and drop mid-way through because I forgot about it mid season.


Verdict: meh

Testament of New Sister Devil F

No. Just no. Ok I guess I should run down the plot, basically main character is told he's suddenly going to have a new sister, he meets her by running into the bathroom while she's changing. Introductions are made. The next morning she humps his bed, and then gets made because she finds porn in it. Oh and by the way she's actually the devil and now her brother's servant. I haven't even gotten through the rest of the season's episodes yet and I can already tell, we have a winner! just like Fuun Ishin Dai Shogun before it, I could not stomach this episode. Congration you done it! You're the worst of the season!


Verdict: give me my 23 minutes back.

Kantai Collection

All the moe. For a show based on a browser game, it sure has some high production values. The show is about a group of girls who wear technology to become battleships. They supposedly have the souls of battleships of the past. They're fighting evil battleships and the series is focusing on Torpedo squad 3 a group of new recruits in the fight against evil. The girls, are cute and the battles are cinematic, but not really brutal and we just don't know much about the world yet. All in all, not terrible, but I'm not really seeing what all the hype was about thus far. If anyone's played the game and can let me know if it's going to transcend the moe into something a little more interesting I'd be grateful!


Verdict: Ok