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Fabulous Fyst's Trainime Winter Season Impressions Part 3

Well, well here we are at the last set of impressions for the season. I mean, there'll be a few straggler shows here and there, Isuca, I'm looking at you >.> But, I'll have covered the vast majority of non-sequel non-spin-off shows for the season here. If you have any shows that you'd directly like to ask me to do a review for or impression of let me know! So anyway here's what we're covering today: Maria the Virgin Witch, Military!, Yoru no Yatterman, Ultimate Fafnir, and Koufuku Graffiti!

Maria the Virgin Witch

Maria is a witch who hates war, too bad for her she's living during the hundred years war. I've gotta say that this is a pretty original setting for an anime as far as historical settings go and it's pretty cool to see. The other thing I've been hearing around anime circles is that the animation is a little Ghibli-ish, which is high praise indeed, I see the similarities, but it's definitely not elevated itself to that echelon yet. The characters are charming, none more so than Maria herself and the pacing is spot on. This is probably a strong contender for the best show of the season.


Verdict: Loved it! I'll be watching

Koufuku Graffiti

This is a much slower paced and much less epic in scale than Maria. This series instead focuses on two high school girls living together and learning about cooking along the way. It's saccharine sweet and beautifully animated. If you're looking for something a cute and light hearted, and decidedly shoujo, you could do a lot worse than Koufuku Graffiti. I'm going to give it a few episodes to see where it's headed before I fully commit, but I enjoyed the first episode well enough.


Verdict: Good, not great, I think it's probably a good lazy Sunday afternoon type show



Silly little short. It looks like it's going to be a gag comedy with guns and chibis. I can't say that it's going to be interesting enough or good enough in the animation department to keep me watching week to week, but hey as far as spending 3:30 minutes goes, that wasn't awful.


Verdict: Just Ok.


Ultimate Fafnir

Woah woah woah. Who'da thunk it, but we have a fight for the worst of the season crown this year. Move over Testament of New Sister Devil, Ultimate Fafnir has come to play. I should also mention it's crazy hard to find screencaps of this show for some reason. Anyway, back to the craptacular episode. Generic Harem MC is the only male D, or person born with dragon powers. He's also in the military....at age 16. Logically then, he needs to be sent to attend an all girls school to start a harem, *cough cough* I mean, learn about the dragons they may or may not fight. >.>


Verdict: Booooooooo


Yoru no Yatterman

This is one of the more clever anime I've seen this season. It's a good role reversal for an older series and it comes with a lot of charm. You see in this series the Heroes have become corrupt and unfair and the Villains have come to save the day in a Robin Hood type role. One of the most played upon concepts in the first episode is whether the descendants of villains deserve to be punished even though they have done nothing themselves. It goes a little deeper into whether someone is inherently bad or good as well. It's a pretty common concept to be explored in anime, but they do it in a way that feels fresh. It certainly helps that our main protagonist has bucket loads of charm.


Verdict: Loved it!

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