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Fabulous Game Dev Blog 2!

So in a total rarity for me, I'm actually posting on a weekly basis?! Anywho, the game development marches on this week. I've spent the last couple of days working on a quick prototype of what an interface for the game might look like, and yes, the sprites I'm using here are not my own, but the map sprites from Fire Emblem Awakening, albeit with a few tweaks. I'm still working on my sprites and don't really want to show them off until I'm happy with them!


This is kinda the basic look of what the fights will look like when you open the app and have fought someone else, there'll be a splash screen or some sort of menu screen to let you know how many people you've passed and if there are any fights waiting in a queue for you. Once you've passed that screen you will be taken here to see your fabulous fight play out. Pretty rudimentary stuff here, but we're still in the very early goings of the process. Within the class we've been tasked with pitching the app and creating a flow chart diagram to show the processes which need to be completed in order for the app to run to it's optimal completion. So, the pitch was basically a powerpoint presentation where I compared our app to streetPass, and RPGs in a much more simplified manner. I've got some more work coming down the pipe and I've started working with Adobe's Cordova/Phonegap, which is a wrapper language for HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript to allow them to run as native apps on phones. This is definitely an interesting way of doing it, but I'm still looking into perhaps writing this in Objective-C just because I think the Cordova/Phonegap method is unnecessarily complicated.

This is obviously a VERY early stage mockup of what the game will look like (It doesn't even have the proper sprites in yet!), but what do you guys think of the basic look of the concept?

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