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It’s that time of the year again. Whether you like it or not Valentine’s Day is here to flood all your senses with love. Alone or together, I believe we all should recognize that love is a beautiful thing.

What makes love great is that it can express itself in different forms: Love for food, love for inanimate objects, love for things we shouldn’t love and just regular love. The possibilities are endless.


The last time we explored the love themes in video games we touched upon bizarre events, like the inter-species relationship of Sonic and Princess Elise. A memory so foul that even Sonic the Hedgehog himself tried to deny it in an interview he did with Gamesradar.com:

“Anyway, the year 2006 was just a bad one for us and dating. We try to forget it ever happened, and technically, it never did.”

But not everything was fun and games, there was also the case of Claire’s Disappearing Act. For those of you who blocked the memory in your heads, Claire was once Hershel Layton’s sweetheart and without spoiling too much let’s say that that Layton won’t be the same gentleman after the events of The Unwound Future.


Don’t worry, there are no weeping moments in this list. I made an oath to not exploit your emotions for clicks and comments like I did one year ago. Instead of breaking all your hearts, this list will focus more on melting your heart via the strange, funny and heartwarming moments in video games.

Who would have thought that me of all people in the world has changed… What a difference a year makes, eh?


Can You Feel the Sunshine? - Sonic R


It’s no coincidence that the Blue Blur has featured in almost all of the lists I’ve published in the past. The music in the Sonic titles is a true testament of great song writing: be it a rocking tune of epic proportions, a song composed by the legendary Michael Jackson or in recent cases orchestrated pieces - The songs in the Sonic series have always been an interesting discussion topic.

The exception being the terrible Sonic R and its over-enthusiastic soundtrack. Can You Feel the Sunshine? may be one of the worst example of having a song influenced by the music that was popular in the time the game was developed: It’s cheesy, terribly upbeat and for some reason has a bridge that is trying to emulate the Gloria Estefan years of the Miami Sound Machine.


What makes Can You Feel the Sunshine? stick out like a burly echidna is that the song is obviously a love song. A love song. In a racing game.

I’ll let that sit for a while...

*Dances and Sings*

Without you, there’s nothing for me to do
Can you feel the sunshine, too?
It’s comin’ through; it makes me feel brand new
When you’re here, I wish you were always near
‘cause everything’s so clear
And today is gonna be a brighter day ♫


Gourmet Race - Kirby Super Star

Donuts, Pudding, Burritos, Pie, Eggs and Fries. If it’s edible Kirby will eat it. Apples, Ramen, Cake, Pizza and Ice Cream. If it’s edible Dedede will eat it.


We all love food, but few can express love the same way these two do in the Gourmet Race sub-mode from Kirby’s Super Star for the SNES, a mode that pits the pink puffball against the king of Dreamland in a race to satiate their appetite as they run through three different course to see who’s the superior being.


Racing and binge eating: a match made in heaven.

Dance with Carmelita - Sly 2: Band of Thieves

Sly and Carmelita have a weird relationship, putting aside that the former is a raccoon and the later is a fox. They stand in opposite ends of the scale: Cooper is a renowned thieve and Carmelita is an INTERPOL detective assigned to investigate all the crimes committed by the thieving raccoon. Yet when these two share the screen you can only help and scream: Kiss, Kiss, Kiss, Kiss!


The tension between these two is immeasurable. No scene portrays it better than the Tango scene in Sly 2: Band of Thieves, in which Sly is posing as a rich civilian as he asks Carmelita for a dance.


Legendary Theme (Acoustic) - Guitaroo Man

U-1 is your Average Joe: a clumsy shy kid who gets bullied at school on a daily basis. When not being bullied he’s thinking of the girl of his dreams, Pico, but being the wimpy kid he is, he lacks the confidence to make a move on her.


In the early chapters of the game, U-1 is approached by a dog who claims to be the last legendary player of the Gitaroo. In case you were wondering, a Gitaroo looks just like a regular guitar but it can shoot beams of energy and transform its wielder into the powerful Gitaroo Man.


During the course of the game U-1 shows off his newfangled skills as he grows in power and confidence, defeating foe after foe as he collects all the legendary Gitaroos.

It is right after a battle when U-1 i gets a surprise visit from the girl of his dreams. She cuddles next to him while listening to him perform the acoustic version of the legendary theme of the Gitaroo as the sunset transitions into the night until she falls asleep on his shoulder.


The kid finally catches a break and gets to spend some time with Pico… only to discover that that was a heartless warrior who works for the rival clan.

Poor kid…

Fallin’ Love - Mother/EarthBound Beginnings

Of course not all the relationships in this list have to be weird. Take Ninten and Ana, they’re both kids who were chosen to protect the Earth from an alien invasion and the Universal Cosmic Destroyer and Embodiment of Evil itself, Giygas.

Okay so maybe their relationship is not normal, but at least they have one thing in common, they’re both regular kids who happen to have psychic abilities. In their adventure they share many moments since they met in Snowman, the most memorable being when Ana expressed her love for Ninten as they danced the night away, only to be interrupted by a giant killer robot…


Romantic Love - PaRappa the Rapper 2

Disclaimer: Put the kids to bed because this next song is for adurts only!

Tired of training kids, the Tamanegi Sensei turns his talents to the TV world. Chop Chop Master Onion is the star of a new TV Show in which he mixes martial arts with the art of seduction. This new fighting style dubbed Romantic Karate can overcome any love challenge, as long as you follow the lessons taught by the Sensei.

L-O-V-E Your brand new prescription is packed with lovely chops, nice punching and sweet kicking. In later lessons Chop Chop Master Onion reveals that to become a true master in love you may have to become a tax payer and get a new lawyer.


Swoon.exe - Super Paper Mario

Princess Peach has had an interesting love life. For many years she has been kidnapped and rescued, it’s a recurring theme and honestly nobody cares about the rivalry between Mario and Bowser. It isn’t until the universe is taken into a RPG twist that Peach gets to be featured in different situations, bear in mind she still gets herself kidnapped.


In the original Paper Mario she’s held hostage at her own castle by Bowser. During this time she somehow starts developing a relationship with an morbidly obese Shy Guy who only wants her for her baking skills. In the sequel, Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door, she’s held captive by these weird army that calls themselves the X-Nauts, and a computer of all things falls in love with her.

Oh! But it gets worse… and weirder!

In Super Paper Mario she somehow gets involved with a nerdy chameleon called Francis, who in turn makes her the star of his Dating Simulator, Swoon.exe. I wish I was making all this up but seriously just watch the video… this is just ridiculous (and hilarious).


Dating Start - Undertale

But if you thought that Peach got herself in hairy situations in her rogue adventures, think again. Try dating a Skeleton with the ego and eccentric personality of the King of All Cosmos. In one of the most hilarious twists, the Great Papyrus who once set numerous traps to kidnap you has now decided to ask you out on a date, and it all plays out in the most ridiculous way ever.

Things get tense, steamy and then Papyrus dumps you. Yep, you just got friend-zoned by a skeleton. In a video game. Look at the bright side, at least he didn’t kidnap you. Unlike Peach…


Que Sera Sera- Katamari Damacy


The story of how the King and Queen of All Cosmos is a true testament that love at first sight can happen even if you’re a 2000 meter tall cosmic being.

In We ♥︎ Katamari, we get a snippet of how King and Queen were meant to be together since the day they met. In that fateful day the King had gotten into trouble and in a fight got part of his glorious pompadour haircut sliced off, in his misery he started running away to his home when he bumped into the Queen who was making deliveries of baked goods. As they struck each other the King’s sliced pompadour haircut matched the Queen’s half-eaten piece of bread to form a heart-shaped hybrid of stale bread and hair.


Ever since that encounter the King and Queen were inseparable, you know… like Katamari and things.

On the Beach with Marin - The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening


Easily one of the sweetest moments in the Zelda games. Forget Zelda, the Tree Waifu, Ilia or any of the other “love interests” Link has had in his adventures. Marin is the original girl, or well… at least she’s the first one who actually spoke more than two words to the Hero of the Legend.

We all know the story of Link’s Awakening, after saving Hyrule from the evil Ganon, Link wanders off to the ocean where he’s caught in a storm and ends up stranded at the the mysterious Koholint Island. The one who saves him is a girl named Marin, a young local who’s startled by the presence of a new face in an island that has never had any visitors in the past.


Later in the game, Marin asks Link to meet with her at the same place when they first met. During that conversation she reveals that his very presence in the island made her heart skip a beat and that she’s curiously to know everything about him, before shying away and promptly changing the subject.

What follows is a section of Link’s adventure in which Marin follows Link wherever he goes, you know… like a date. With a girl. On an island that is the fabrication of a giant whale-like creature that sleeps inside of a giant egg.


The One I Love - Chibi-Robo

“Just your very presence makes everyone Happy Happy Happy!”
- Tellyvision whenever Chibi-Robo performs a good deed.


Chibi-Robo is truly a godsend at the Sanderson’s house. Everyone in the house is infatuated with the miniature cleaning robot in one way or another. Including the housewife, Mrs. Sanderson.

As a matter of fact, it appears that Chibi-Robo is actually getting in the way of the married couple that owns the house. It all starts subtle, but as the game progresses Chibi starts gifting Mrs. Sanderson flowers and sharing moments while drinking tea.


The weird relationship between the tiny robot and the human doesn’t stop there. Later in the game Cheebo sneaks into Mrs. Sanderson bedroom at night. Mrs. Sanderson being thankful for Chibi’s attention gives him a letter addressed to her husband…

What Mr. Sanderson thought was a love letter it was actually a divorce letter!

Oh Chibi-Robo, you rascal. Nothing can stop you in your quest for love! If only Nintendo treated you like you treat Mrs. Sanderson… :(


Heartbroken Bear - Rhythm Heaven: The Best+

It’s no secret to anyone that knows me that I’m a huge fan of the Rhythm Heaven series. I fell in love with the series ever since I played an import copy a friend of mine bought many years ago, and just like last year had to give this series a spot in the list.


When a series has a heavy focus on music, picking just one song to represent it is no small feat. Just the two games released in America pack more love songs than all the songs featured in this list.

From the +10 songs two of them stood out more than the rest. The first is short theme called Glass Tappers, in which you try to impress a lady who looks dejected at the bar. It’s mesmerizing and simple unlike anything else in Rhythm Heaven.

The second song, and easily my favorite from the DS title is Love Lab. Taking place in a lab that, well... makes love potions. Two young scientists (okay there is a third scientist but he/she/it is offscreen) share a room painted with the colors of the sunset. A smooth R&B tune and a chorus of hums make the whole deal even sweeter as the two young scientists blush when they look into each others’ eyes ♥︎


Love Lab would have been in this spot had it not been for the promos for the Japan-exclusive Rhythm Heaven: The Best+. In the latest iteration for the 3DS there is a gorgeous depiction of a love relationship gone wrong via the gluttonous journey of a cuddly bear.

At first he’s gleefully eating his snacks as he think of the happy moments he had with his partner. It all scales into a glorious moment when they seem to express their love for each other, until...


...they break up.

The camera zooms in to the tear-ridden mug of the bear as we see him falling into a binge-eating crisis that rivals Kirby’s appetite


The song switches mood from a love ballad to a sombre bolero-esque style as more and more tears run down the bear’s cheeks.

And then...

...the image zooms out, to reveal that the bear was just having a dream that turned into a terrible nightmare.


Happy Valentine’s Day to those who have a special someone, and to those who don’t… well just embrace the day with an open mind and remember there’s always cheap candy the day after Valentine’s Day! Seriously... those 75% price drops are the best!


Hopefully you’ll enjoy this list as much as I enjoyed writing it. If there’s a song that I missed don’t hesitate to let me know in the comments section below.


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