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Fallout 4 is a Broken Mess

I finally got my copy of Fallout 4 tonight, after days of waiting for the landlord to unlock my mailbox, and honestly, I wish it had stayed locked up until it was patched.

Here’s a list of all the technical problems I experienced in my initial 2-hour playthrough:
- Subtitles got locked up at the first quest-giving NPC. The same line of dialogue stayed visible and did not change for the whole conversation.
- Characters frequently stop mid-sentence and stare into nothingness until the next line of dialogue happens.
- Enemies fell under the map four different times.
- I fired a shotgun once, and it kept firing until it ran out of bullets.
- I tried to activate a computer terminal, only to have my character slowly glide towards it (stuck in an animation?) until it was close enough to do the zoom-in effect.
- The explosion from a car I shot was not rendered at all, it just appeared as orange squares.


I frankly cannot believe this game was released in this state. I played New Vegas on launch date, and while it too had bugs, it was nothing on this level. I really wanted to do a review of this one, but I don’t think I’ll play it again until a major patch rolls out. This is a new low bar for Bethesda quality control.

While the game has a level of AAA polish on a number of graphics and interface from, it feels like a shitty Unity game in terms of how utterly broken it is right now. This game is simply not finished. I’m getting really fucking sick of this, “Release it now, patch it whenever” attitude.

Other gripes I have with the game so far:
- The voice acting is terrible. Like. PS1 era terrible. I’m not even sure they paid professional actors for this game.
- The voices and performances do not match the characters’ faces. This was fine in PS3-era Fallout, but since the graphics took a step up here, they just look weird and out of place.
- The main character is an idiot who states the obvious out loud every ten seconds, completely breaking the immersion and role playing elements of the game.
- They dumbed down the dialogue system - easily my favourite thing about Fallout 3/NV - into a Mass Effect-style chart of vague emotional responses. Most of the fun of New Vegas in particular was unlocking new dialogue options through cunning conversation! That’s been stripped away and replaced with words like, “sarcastic” and “what?”.

Don’t buy this game in this state. Wait for major patches to roll out, or wait for a major discount. Don’t waste your time and money on a product that was released 6 months too early, just to earn a quick buck from gullible hype idiots like me.

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