Welcome to day 3 of my self-proclaimed Fallout week. The last two days I spoke about the radio stations of Fallout and some of the history before the bombs fell. Today, I’m going to give you a run down of my personal top 10 favorite quests in the Fallout Universe!

I would like to begin by offering some honorable mentions to some of the side quests in Fallout 2. as I came into the universe with Fallout 3 and later played the originals, I find that the games previous of 3 lacked depth, although some were quite fun. Lets give a round of applause to “Kill the ‘Chicken’ ”, “Kill the Rat God”, anything involving the intelligent Deathclaws, and the entirety of New Reno.

Now lets move on to the list. The list is in no specific order, as this is just generally my favorite quests that are found in Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas.


Come Fly With Me!


We start off with the mission about sending ghouls into space. When first wandering around the town of Novac in the Mojave Wasteland, you hear tell of a group of ghouls infesting a former REPCONN Aerospace facility to the west of the town. Upon further investigation you do indeed find feral ghouls in the facility and begin to clean them up. It’s only after that you are contacted by a non-feral ghoul, Jason Bright. Now it’s interesting to note that he is in fact a Glowing One, which is a subclass of ghoul which constantly emits radiation which causes a bright green glow.

You learn that the intelligent ghouls that reside in the facility are in fact of group known as “The Bright Brotherhood”, who seek redemption and safety from wasteland bigots in what they refer as the “Far Beyond”. To this end, they wish to reactivate several rockets at the facility. However, the Bright Brotherhood was attacked by invisible “demons” in the basement. So he sends you to deal with the so-called “demons”. You find out that the “demons” are in fact Nightkin. Nightkin, are super mutants that have become paranoid and delusional due to the use of stealth boys (an invisibility device) and have blue skin instead of the green. You can have a discussion with their leader,Davison and his brahmin skull diety, known as “Antler”. You learn, that they are after a shipment of stealth boys that they have tracked to this facility. You can either kill them or you can aid them in finding the stealth boys. I’ve always gone the help route as it’s generally more lucrative and less troublesome.

In one of the rooms as you search, you come across another ghoul by the name of Harland. Harland is looking for his friend who the Nightkin have captured. The terminal you need also happens to be next to him. So after finding his friend, sadly dead, he will leave and you gain access to the terminal. You learn that the stealth boys were sent back to RobCo, and that several stealth boys were used by a frisky employee for ‘mischief’. After reporting this to Davidson, he and his Nightkin will leave the facility allowing Jason Bright’s plan to continue.


Jason Bright points you in the direction of Chris Haversam who is a human who believes he’s a ghoul. If you talk to Jason about him, you can convince Chris that he is in fact not a ghoul and he will state his desire for revenge. At this point you can encourage him or discourage him of his vengeance. I’m a good guy, so I asked him to let it go. Anyway, he requires you assistance in fixing the rockets. To this end you need some fuel and some thrust controllers. These items can both be found around Novac, the controllers at the local junkyard and the fuel can be found in rocket souvenirs at the Dino-Souvenirs store in Novac.

Once you bring both back to him, the rockets can be completed and the launch sequence can begin. At the launch platform you can do several things. If you have a high enough science skill, you can improve the accuracy of the rockets, granting good karma. You can also reprogram them to collide, which gives bad karma. You can also just press everything if your science is insufficient. You are then granted a view of the launch with Fight of the Valkyries playing in the background.

So why is this one a favorite for me? There’s a lot of humor to be seen in this mission. There’s the crazy old man, the delusional Nightkin, the human who thinks he’s a ghoul. This is also the only place in the entire game where intelligent ghouls in a group, can even be found in the Mojave Wasteland. I also like the Bright Brotherhood, they want to live in peace, which is something that simply can not be found in the Wasteland.


Stealing Independence!

This Fallout 3 quest, has always been a personal favorite since I first played the game. This quest can begin one of two ways. You can either obtain it from Abraham Washington in Rivet City, or you can come across the National Archives and meet Sydney.


The quest is about Abraham’s desire to acquire the most important piece of American history, the Declaration of Independence. To this end he sends you to the National Archive in search of it as well as the previous treasure hunter he sent, Sydney.

Once you arrive at the National Archives, you must defend the National Archive entrance against a siege of super mutants with the aid of Sydney. Once the battle is done with, you can either aid Sydney, or tell her to bugger off. I chose to aid her, which makes things harder since you wish to keep her alive. You descend into the lower levels of the archive where you must fight off a number of robotic guards and sentry turrets, as you fight to the secure room.


In the secure room you are introduced to a Protectron robot which has been programmed to believe he is in fact the second signer of the Declaration of Independence, Button Gwinnett. This is where you get another set of choices. You can get him to forge a new Declaration of Independence by persuading him to think it’s to fool the Redcoats for good karma. You can destroy him for bad karma or make him believe your Thomas Jefferson with a speech check which nets neutral karma. If you want to forge the document, you’ll need a ink container, located at the Arlington Library.

With the fake document in hand, you can then travel back to Rivet City and pass it in to Abraham for a schematic for the Railway Rifle. You can also talk to Sydney about her father, and if you find his holotape, you can get her special SMG which is a nice gun.


This quest had less depth but was a favorite of mine because I found the tape of Sydney’s father before I met her. Which when I did find the tape, made me curious. Finding her was just the cherry on top of the cake. I also had a preference to the Railway Rifle in early playthroughs of the game. The robot Button Gwinnett didn’t hurt either.

I Could Make You Care


This was an interesting quest for several reasons. First lets talk about Veronica, who is at the center of this quest. Veronica is a journeyman scribe and “procurement specialist” for the Mojave chapter of the Brotherhood of Steel. I believe she is first openly LGBT character to appear in a Fallout game. As a member of the Brotherhood of Steel, a generally isolationist society, same sex relationships are frowned upon, and her mentor Father Elijah broke them up. You would later meet her lover, and Father Elijah in the Dead Money expansion to New Vegas.

Veronica has become disillusioned with the direction that the Brotherhood of Steel is going down. The societyis in a major downturn after it’s war with the NCR over technology and the dwindling number of members. They refuse to accept outsides and Veronica believes this to be their downfall.

After triggering a certain number events with her as a companion, things that question the Brotherhoods policy on interaction with the outside world, you are given the quest. She confides in you that she needs to find some information of a piece of technology that would impress the head of the Brotherhood chapter. To this end, you have three options, Archimedes II and the targeting device, a new farming technology or the Pulse gun. I always go for the farming technology as it also allows me to cross a vault off the list.


Once the farming data has been acquired after dealing with Vault 22, you and Veronica travel to the Brotherhood’s bunker located in a middle of a artificial sandstorm. After conversing with Elder McNamara, he is unconvinced with Veronica’s bold ideas. She has to do some thinking, and asks you whether she should stay with the Brotherhood or leave. Is suggested that she stays with the Brotherhood because I believe that one day her ideas would someday get through to the Elder. Once you go outside, two Brotherhood Paladins accuse you of spreading bad ideas. This is where speech is really needed as if you can’t pass the speech check, you lose Veronica as a companion. Once the quest is completed you can come and go from the Brotherhood bunker as you wish.

I like this quest because it gives you a look into the different kind of Brotherhood then the one some people got accustomed to in Fallout 3. Where the DC Brotherhood of Steel is thriving because of their change in policy, those still loyal to the original mission of the BoS are fighting a losing war.


I Forgot to Remember to Forget


Another one of the companion quests from Fallout: New Vegas, this one focusing on resident sniper god, Boone. Boone is a former NCR sniper in the 1st Recon Sniper Battalion. He was present during the Bitter Springs massacre of the Great Khans raider clan, by the NCR. Boone is still suffering from a form of PTSD from that event as well as the mercy killing of his wife to spare her from slavery at the hands of the Legion.

After achieving several ‘history’ points with Boone, you can receive his companion quest. Most of these points revolve around killing members of Caesar’s Legion and aiding NCR soldiers. After some prodding, you can convince him to confront his memories and revisit the source of his trauma, Bitter Springs. Once you arrive at the location he asks to go where he was stationed during the massacre. He goes on to give you all the details of what happened. It is at this point you are alerted to a Legion attack on the NCR refugee camp now located in Bitter Springs.


After fighting off several waves of Legion attackers, Boone talks to you and asks you how should he move on. At this point you can either make him a bloodthirsty vengeance machine or repentant of his past killings, mostly the Bitter Springs massacre.

I like this quest because it shows that the NCR is not always the good guy. Boone who was a stalwart NCR support even had doubts after the events of Bitter Springs. Boone is also my favorite companion in Fallout: New Vegas besides my storage bin ED-E.



Now lets talk about everyone’s favorite quest involving giant fire breathing ants... This Fallout 3 side-quest is generally one of the first ones encountered due to it’s proximity to Megaton and the random encounter that can happen. The random encounter is usually one of a man running toward you and warning you of fire-breathing ants in the town of Greyditch.

When you arrive in Greyditch, you are soon introduced to the aforementioned fire ants and you must eradicate them from the town roads and buildings. Once that is accomplished you get to meet Bryan Wilks, whose father is missing and is later found dead, having died defending his house from the ants. You ask Bryan about the ants and about their origins. He tells you about a scientist who recently traveled to town to study them.

After investigating the shack in which the scientist resided you are directed to Marigold station. In the station you fight through more ants until you come across the small research station of Dr. Lesko. He explains to you that he was working on a solution to shrink the ants back to a more manageable size. His experiments instead produced the fire breathing ants you’ve been fighting. He asks you to kill the Ant Queens guardians and report back to him. You can search his terminal to find out that he’s been using FEV in his experiments with the queen. When I did this quest for the first time I killed the guardians and destroyed the mutagen sample. I got positive karma and the Ant Might ( +1 Str./+25% Fire Res.) perk.


This quest is one of my favorites due to it’s relation to the 1950’s B-monster movie Them!. Them! is a movie about giant ants mutated by atomic testing. It’s one of my favorite movies from that time and the homage to the movie in this mission is great. The other reason I liked this quest was for an interesting occurrence that happened to me when I first played it. Apparently this was a bug at the time, but if you were to be noticed by the Ant Queen, but just left, she would glitch through the walls. Well, I didn’t know that she noticed me and made my way out. As I was nearing the exit to the research lab, I heard a noise and looked behind me, only to be face to face with the Ant Queen. I nearly shit my pants I got such a scare.

The Legend of the Star


The Legend of the Star is a quest given to you by a animatronic robot in the Sunset Sarsaparilla named Festus. The quest is quite simple, find 50 Blue Star Sunset Sarsaparilla bottle caps and bring it back to him. These bottle caps are quite rare and can only be found in certain spots in the Mojave Wasteland.

What’s interesting is the lengths some people have gone to find these bottle caps. Some have searched their entire lives, others have robbed and killed people for these caps. It’s only when you find all 50 and bring the caps to Festus that you find out what the prize is. The prize, is to story of the origin of Sunset Sarsaparilla. It’s at this point you actually fail the quest. Only by talking to Festus about the prize will he bring up the additional prize which then opens up another quest called, A Valuable Lesson. Festus states that some people were angered with the original prize and a secondary prize could be found in the prize vault.


Once in the vault, you find another Blue Star bottle cap hunter who had died in the vault not realizing the vault was airtight and suffocated. In the vault you find caps, a bunch of worthless deputy badges, and a special laser pistol called “Pew Pew”.

This is a favorite quest of mine because I get the subtle humor behind it. The whole collector craze of pointless items can be pointed at several different things over the years from Beanie-Babies to other collectible items that have no value. Then there’s the idea of those contests that some snack foods have had over the years where you can get prizes by redeeming so many UPC’s and the such. A terminal can even be found in the game and states the whole Blue Star craze was a way to increase sales.

Walking With The Spirits

Time to talk about the trippiest quest in all of Fallout and in my opinion the one of the best “high as balls” scenes in gaming (top 3 with GTA 5’s several acid trip scenes and the SWTOR Imperial Agent post-Taris scene)

Walking With the Spirits is the second main quest in the Point Lookout expansion. You are sent by Desmond to infiltrate the tribals in the area and find out why they are attacking him. In order to join them you must traverse the Sacred Bog, killing mirelurks and find the “Mother Seed”. Once found you are sprayed with a gas and the acid trip begins.


You awaken in a hallucinogenic state and must make you way back to the entrance of the bog. Along the way you are shown a myriad of hallucinations that simply can not be expressed in words. So here is a video of a walkthrough of this acid trip.

Once you exit the bog, you get back to normal and head back to the cathedral where the tribals gather and give you the next mission in the Point Lookout expansion.


This quest comes from the best expansion of Fallout 3 and is quite possibly the most humorous main quest ever used in a main questline in any game or expansion. The humor alone wins it a place in my top 10.

The Wasteland Survival Guide


Now we come to quite possibly the best side quest available in the standard Fallout 3 release. This is a quest so great that even a giant nuclear explosion can’t stop the quest giver from giving us this fantastic quest.

The Wasteland Survival Guide is a series of mini-quests given to us by Moira Brown. Moira, wants to create a guide to help many other wastelanders survive the perilous dangers that await them in the Capital Wasteland and similar areas. To that end, we get to play guinea pig to Moira’s multiple experiments and adventures.

The quest is broken into chapters. The first chapter is the basics: Finding Food, Dealing with Radiation, and Avoiding Landmines. Which means we have to fight off raiders for food, irradiate ourselves for profit and play hopscotch in a minefield while a crazed lunatic takes potshots at us. Depending on your results and responses to her you are rewarded with caps, a perk and possibly a schematic.


The second chapter focuses on dealing with the creatures in the wasteland. To this end you are sent out to beat Mole Rats with a smelly bat, play hide and go seek with mutated crabs and use yourself as an explosive test dummy (cripple yourself horribly). As a reward for this set of objectives, you get to keep the smelly bat, get a shady hat and a environment suit plus caps.

The last chapter is about the history of some settlements and buildings in the area. So you’re sent to get the history if Rivet City, fight off homicidal robots while you hack a mainframe and go to the library. After this set of objectives are completed, you get a series of skill increasing books, a discount at Rivet City and some Pulse Grenades


You’ve finally reached the end of the quest line, and the Wasteland Survival Guide is complete. To reward you for all this work gives you some XP, some caps, a mini-nuke (she was planning on using it to make a well, but it made her nervous. Oh...I wonder why) and the Survival Expert perk which changes depending on how you answered her questions and how many optional objectives were completed.

As I stated before, this is just the most varied quest available in the original Fallout 3 release. There’s a ton of humor, the quest itself is fun to do, and the rewards are somewhat worthwhile.


You Got to Shoot’Em In The Head


This is the quest that would eventually reward you with the best armor in Fallout 3. That was of course until Operation: Anchorage and a coding error gave us the Winterized T-51b Power Armor.

The quest given to us Mister Crowley, a ghoul located in the ghoul settlement known as the Underworld, located in the basement of the Museum of Natural History. A man betrayed by several people and left for dead, Mister Crowly wants revenge. To this end, he needs a memento from each kill, specifically a key from each of the people who betrayed him. He tells you how he was part of a mercenary group hired by Allistair Tenpenny to acquire a piece of technology from Fort Constantine. He wants them shot in the head, as he considers them all ghoul-haters and sine they believe ghouls can be killed with a shot to the head, he wants equal retaliation.


Most of the keys can be acquired without killing the owners as most don’t care about the fort nor want to die. Dave will give you his key after helping him win the election in his so-called Republic of Dave and becoming ambassador to the Wasteland. Dukov, can be bribed or intimidated to give up his key. Ted Strayer, whose father was one of the mercenaries, will give the key up for money, or be convinced or threatened.

As for Tenpenny, you can kill him yourself, or you can complete the Tenpenny Tower quest and depending how you finish that quest let the ghouls kill him, although if you want the extra caps, you may want to kill him yourself.

At this point you can either retrieve the armor yourself or give him the keys, wait for him to exit the Underworld, then murderize him and grab the keys. At that point you would then go and retrieve the armor yourself.


This quest is a favorite of mine because it offered the penultimate reward, the T-51b Power Armor which most would recognize from the original Fallout box-art. Not to mention the homage to zombie movies with the title and optional objectives.

The Dark Heart of Blackhall

This is definitely my favorite quest in all of Fallout. This lovecraftian-style/evil dead homage is a prime example of how eerie Fallout can be. The exposition is great and the atmosphere is perfect. So lets get on with it.


This quest is given to us by a kindly old man in Point Lookout, named Obidiah Blackhall. He claims that a book of his, “The Krivbeknih” has gone missing and believes it to be east of this location. Along your journey to find the book, you come across a woman who tells you that Blackhall is not who he says he is and is planning to use the book to take control of the swampfolk using the book. She says to bring it to her so she can destroy it.

After finding the book in a cave protected by some of these swampfolk, you bring it to her tent at the Disaster Relief Camp, to only find her murdered with “Die Thief” written in blood in her tent. She leaves you a holotape describing the book and the means to destroy it. You must travel to the Dunwich Building in the Capital Wasteland and travel to the deepest reaches of the depths to destroy the book once and for all.


As you make your way to the Dunwich Building, you can find a series of journals (please read/listen to them!) describing a man named Jaime and his descent into madness. Driven mad by the spirits that dwell within the book and the building, you can find him performing a ritual at the obelisk. When you activate the Obelisk, it will ignite the book and skill all ghouls within the vicinity. The horror is no more.

This quest is just gushing with juicy, juicy lore and it homages the great H.P. Lovecraft and his mythos. The Krivbeknih is an obvious homage to the Necronomicon as seen in the Evil Dead series as well as the Lovecraftian mythos.

Those have been my top 10 quests in the Fallout universe. The list will surely change once Fallout 4 is out. What are some of your favorite quests in the Fallout Universe?


Join me tomorrow as I go over some of my favorite weapons that have graced the Fallout wasteland.