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Fallout Week! - Radio Stations

Fallout 4 is almost upon us, with only a week until release. Last week I talked about some theories I had for the game, this week will be all about looking back at the old. So for the next 7 days I will be posting a Fallout-related article per day to bring the hype. Today’s article is about the radio stations of the wasteland.


The music of Fallout has always brought us back to the 1950’s with some wonderful Ink Spots, Marty Robbins and Frank Sinatra tunes. The radio stations were not implemented until the Bethesda era of the series, but they were a great addition. In Fallout 3 we were introduced to Galaxy News Radio and it’s DJ, Three Dog!

Galaxy News Radio was everything the radio station needed to be. The music just seemed to fit with the setting of the game and the gameplay involved. Three Dog was an okay host, but his voice got irritating after a while. The constant news updates as you progress through the game as well as subtle hints to where to explore were a pleasant intermission to the game’s soundtrack.

The best thing about Galaxy News Radio was of course “The Adventures of Herbert ‘Daring’ Dashwood” which was a dramatization of the adventures of an adventurer of the Capital Wasteland. The stories told the varied adventures of Herbert Dashwood, and his sidekick, Argyle, a Ghoul. The radio series was told across the 4 episodes which aired as you progressed through the game. Dashwood now resides in Tenpenny Tower and you can even find Argyle in the place the died.


The only other radio station was the Enclave radio station which played more patriotic tunes and public announcements by President John Henry Eden. The monologues of President Eden were amusing at the least as seen in the following monologue:

I’ve been thinking quite a bit lately about something we can all relate to, something that is unquestionably, inescapably… American. I am referring, of course, to our great national pastime - baseball. Or so it had been. That’s right, America. Before we were devastated by atomic war, each state had its OWN professional baseball team. Imagine, a perfect, cloudless day. The sun is warm and welcoming. And on the horizon, they appear, like knights of yore, armed with bats of ash and hickory. Their name? The Capital Congressmen. Their purpose? To make you, dear America, revel in the joys of sport and sunshine, if only for an afternoon. Now ask yourself this: What if the Capital Congressmen could live again? What if they could compete with baseball teams from Pennsylvania, or Maryland? Put your faith in John Henry Eden, great America, and baseball will live again! Comfort, recreation, healthy competition - all will live again! This country WILL live again!

Fallout: New Vegas continued the trend and had 3 radio stations available to the player as you traveled the Mojave Wasteland. These radio stations were Radio New Vegas, Black Mountain Radio and Mojave Music Radio.


Radio New Vegas, hosted by Mr. New Vegas, an AI developed for the sole purpose of hosting Radio New Vegas. Voiced by Mr. Vegas himself, Wayne Newton, Radio New Vegas functions identically to Galaxy News Radio offering music and news updates. There isn’t much else to say.

Black Mountain Radio is a more localized radio station located on Black Mountain in the “State of Utobitha”. The station is hosted by the leader of Black Mountain, Tabitha, a Super Mutant and her lover Rhonda, a Mr. Handy robot. The station offers the a variety of songs, some shared with the other stations. How it differs, is the hilarious conversations that occur between Tabitha and herself in some intermissions. It adds a good bit of humor to the game.

The final radio station, Mojave Music Radio, is strictly music, and features no DJ. It has the same song list as Black Mountain Radio, but it lacks the insane ramblings of Tabitha.


This leads us to Fallout 4, where we have a limited look at the songs in the game. We currently have “The Wanderer” by Dion and “It’s All Over But The Crying” by The Ink Spots.

If there was a radio station I would like to see in a Fallout game, it would be a talk radio station. The station would have discussion shows, call-in shows and the such. I was a big fan of West Coast Talk Radio in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. I think it would be a great addition to the radio landscape in the post apocalyptic wasteland.


What were your favourite tracks in the Wasteland? What songs would you like to see on the radio stations?


Join me tomorrow as I go over the brief history of the Fallout universe.

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