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Fallout Week! - Wild Wasteland Weekend!

Welcome to the weekend of my Fallout Week series. Yesterday, I did a brief breakdown of what we saw in the launch trailer. This weekend lets sit back and have some fun.


Now the wasteland is known to be an unpredictable, and desolate place. You never know what you are to expect out there. So, why not recount some of the strange occurances you’ve come accorss while exploring the wastes?

I’ve had a few things happen to me, like having a teleporting queen ant chasing me, falling through a factory or causing someone to spaz out so hard, that they flew into space.

What experiences have you had, traveling the wild wasteland? Play any mods that made the games truly outrageous? Coming up on Monday, I’ll get back on topic with those important NPC’s that help the story tick.

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