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Far Cry 4 is the only game I've ever not wanted to finish.

SPOILERS HERE... because this entire post is about Far Cry 4's end game. So if you haven't played it yet, or haven't gotten to the last few stages, feel free to just skip on ahead to the next TAY article.

Protagonist "Ajay Ghale", with two self-righteous "assholes"

I tend to grab games as I get to them. I rarely go pick something up on release. Far Cry 4, was one such game. This past week I've been plugging away at it slowly, soaking in the world, the atmosphere. Stopping to do random side-quests here and there. Rescuing hostages, getting revenge in the name of villagers who have been royally screwed by Pagan Min's Royal Army. And above all talking and listening to the people of the country.

I was enjoying every second of it. That is until I unlocked the Northern part of Kyrat. At which point, I realized that the two people that were getting me to do their dirty work, sending me off to murder countless soldiers in the name of their "rebellion", were both terrible, hideous people with their own (not too well hidden agendas). On the one hand, we have Amita. A forward thinking modern woman, who wishes to dismantle an age old tradition of marrying off young girls in the name of the Kyratty religion. Oh and she also has aspirations to be a Drug Lord/Dictator with child slaves to run her farms, who will execute anyone who gets in her way, or argues with her.

Then we have Sabal, who at first meeting seemed like a long lost brother (he sure calls you that enough). And up until the point that I am referring to, I tended to side with him (since drugs are bad m'kay), and he generally was less of a dick to me, than Amita was. However, like Amita his real colors start showing when you unlock the second half (errr... last quarter) of the game map.

Turns out he's even WORSE than Amita. Dude wants to turn his religious cult into the de facto Government of Kyrat. Complete with public throat slittings for anyone who dissents, or pisses him off in the slightest bit.


A pair of sociopaths arguing over who should fuck up Kyrat more

So here I was, knee-deep in the dead, with almost an entire country liberated. On the verge of complete "freedom", when it struck me. Fuck The Golden Path. Pagan Min, might be a ruthless sociopath, but at least he is up front and honest about it. Plus he's way funnier than either of the two that are trying to fool me into putting them into power.

And that was where I turned off Far Cry 4, and tossed in GTAV (again). I'm sure I'll go back to it, once my connection to the people of Kyrat has worn off, and I can play the game as a typical mindless FPS. But for now, I feel guilty finishing this game, because I feel personally responsible for bringing these poor downtrodden people into an even worse era, than the decades they have been under Pagan Min's rule.

In closing, I have to applaud Ubisoft for crafting an experience that caused me to have such a strong emotional response, that I just can't bring myself to finish this fictional narrative. At least not right now. If I could use two save slots, I would just start a new campaign, and eat my damn Crab Rangoon.


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