I'm really feeling it!

Farewell, Treehouse.

After three days of gameplay footage, developer talk, scarf admiration, Captain Toadstool praising, smashing, steaming, bayoneting, puzzling, platforming, and ink shooting fun, Nintendo Treehouse Live @ E3 has wrapped.

And I kind of miss it all ready. It provided a look at the games shown in the Nintendo Digital Event (and some not mentioned at all in it like the new Mario vs Donkey Kong, Fantasy Life and Devil's Third) that gave me a real feel for the games. Honest to gob gameplay footage at E3, live and unscripted.


I for one hope that Nintendo Treehouse will return to E3 next year to show off more titles, talk to more developers, and proclaim how much of a babe Link is with his blue scarf.

An interesting experiment that I'd say worked very well. Plenty of footage from it is now on Nintendo's YouTube channel, and some of it is worth checking out, like the Bayonetta 2 footage. (And like most Itagaki games, Devil's Third looks better in gameplay than trailers.)

What did you think of the Treehouse Live stream?

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