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Greeting again gentle readers; had quite the time without images, haven't we? It seems like all the other sites have gotten them back, all except the denizens of Kotaku and TAY; what is one to do?

The answer, of course, is script.

This latest iteration of Fastja! converts image-links into images as the posts load, and as an added bonus, even offers a method for viewing comments in a complete, yet succinct way.


To install:

  • Get Greasemonkey for Firefox/Tampermonkey for Chrome/NinjaKit for Safari;
  • Create a script in said plugin;
  • Copy the code HERE into the create-a-script dialog;
  • Save and enjoy!

Using the comments feature:

Navigate to All Replies, then click the descriptively labeled, blue 'Load More' button and then wait for all the comments (or as many as you want) to load. Next, click the blue button again —- this will expand every thread, which is a technical step Fastja! needs to use to function. Finally, click the blue button one last time to complete the process.

... sound complicated? Don't worry. It's only three clicks.

Now that the comments have been converted to their new format, let's tell you what's what:


To make browsing easier, Fastja! only shows the first comment of a thread initially, offering a brief overview of the thread in the header by counting the total number of stars given to its replies, and also the total number of replies.

Those comments aren't gone though, only hidden until you need them; to view, just click the header and the thread will expand; if you'd like to cut to the chase and expand every thread, doubleclick any header.



Well, there you have it; I hope Fastja! 3 is useful to you. If you have a feature request, or —- heaven forbid —- a bug report, file them to the comments section below or upvote existing comments.

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