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[UPDATE ON 17/3] New and clearer scans from Famitsu!

Seems like a form change for Nero.
Screens showing Tamamo (Left) and Altera/Atilla (Right) in action.

Some in-game screens here:

Nero Claudius Augustus, the main character from Fate/Extra

Above Images from Famitsu

Original Post Below:

Following a countdown that began this past week, Marvelous has officially announced a new game in the Fate series, Fate/Extella, with more details to come in the upcoming issue of Famitsu.


Touted as an Action game set in the Fate universe, expect combat similar to the Dynatsy Warriors/Musou Games, which pits the player against hordes of enemies. Perfect for a Fate game, in my opinion.


Scan of Altera/Atilla in Fate/Extella·

The following is from Gematsu, and has details translated from a blog post from Hachima Kikou.

Fate/Extella will launch for PlayStation 4 and PS Vita in Japan in 2016. The scenario is written by Kinoko Nasu and Hikaru Sakurai, character design is by Aruko Wada, and development is by Marvelous.

The game follows the after-story of the Moon Holy Grail War.

Servants (Playable Characters)

  • Nero Claudius (voiced by Sakura Tange) – A servant who fought through the Moon Holy Grail War. She also has a mysterious form change.
  • Caster Tamamo no Mae (voiced by Chiwa Saito) – A servant who uses various magic skills.
  • Saber Altera/Atilla (voiced by Mamiko Noto) – Her first appearance in the main series after her appearance in Fate/Grand Order.

A Message from the Creator, Kinoko Nasu

We’ve been making this under the surface from after we finished the previous game. The Moon Holy Grail War overturned what was once the fixed concept of Fate, and this time we’re repainting what was in Extra with this new world. It’s a story that inherits the blood of Extra. The new world of the Moon, Extella.

A Message from Takashi Takeuchi

It is neither a counter to Fate/stay night, nor is it a mere sequel to Fate/Extra.

Screenshots in the magazine show the characters taking out hordes of weaker enemies.

Development is 60 percent complete.

That’s all the news we have at the moment, what do you fellow Fate fans here on TAY and Ani-TAY feel about this new game? Do you reckon it’ll get translated? Do sound off in the comments below.

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