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Father’s Day Post, Almost A Dad, er, Day Late

As another Father’s Day comes to an end, I want to reflect on my dad’s impact on my enjoyment of games. He isn’t much of a “gamer” in that he doesn’t play video games. While that’s not his thing, he does play a good deal of board games.

When I was growing up, he steered away from the Nintendo, but he and my mom would encourage my brother and I to play simple board games with them. For roughly a five year period, we would have a family game night on Fridays where we played whatever we had on hand, usually Trivial Pursuit. Although he is kind of a wallflower, he would perk up and get into the antics of answering pop culture questions that were at least a decade out from being relevant. This tapered off after my brother and I got social lives, but it helped us become who we are now.


Nowadays, he plays with my mom and their friends once a month, and they usually play a new game every time. While I play video games fervently, I do kind of envy the fact that he plays more games than I do in a given year. Annually, I typically play 5 titles, because I really love playing those particular games, while he can play at least 12 new ones.

Thanks dad. Not just for the whole “helping to bring me into the world and then raise me right” thing, but for also showing me the value of play and trying something new.

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