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Favourite minigames in videogames

So Square Enix is going to tweak the biking minigame from FFVII and sell it as Final Fantasy VII G-Bike for iOS and Android. I never cared for that game, but I started thinking about those minigames I did enjoy, and I came to a conclusion.

If Square Enix sold FFVIII's Triple Triad as a stand-alone game, I'd totally buy it. I loved Triple Triad. Enemy soldiers chasing us? Surely there is enough time for a quick card game! The planet is being attacked? I'm on it, as soon as I'm finished winning the Character card! Our spaceship is under attack and we might get stuck in space? What a stressing situation, we'd better calm down with a nice relaxing card game!

I despised the card game in FFIX, can't even remember what it was called, but I enjoyed treasure-hunting with chocobos. It's probably the only FF game where I accidentally stumbled upon the extra bosses instead of purposefully looking for them: I just enjoyed riding chocobos all over the world map and ended up exploring all of it just for fun.


I know that many people hated Blitzball in FFX. But personally? I LOVED it. I sincerely enjoyed it, played it often and ended up winning both the plot-related tournament (though I was annoyed that the result is pretty much the same whether you win or lose. If you win, the only noticeable difference is that Wakka is holding a trophy when he says goodbye to his teammates) and the sub-quest tournament. Yes, I would play a Blitzball stand-alone game.

But my favourite mini-games of all are the scavenger hunt in Psychonauts and the bottle hunt in the Sly Cooper games. I just loved them so much!

What about you guys? What minigames are your favourite?

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