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February Game Night: DOTA 2

On February 28th, Tuesday at 8:30 EST we will be playing DOTA 2

This will be the final game night of the year. We did it! We went an entire year of game nights. And I bring this up because, welp, I’m done! I’ve had a lot of fun playing games with everyone but I am in need of a little R and R free of obligations for a bit. I have a few projects in the works now that I need to devote more of my time to. To that end, I will not be doing a monthly game night past February.


I don’t want Game Night to just fade into nothingness! Someone pick up the torch, I can help with whatever needs helping, I just don’t want to be the sole person responsible. Organizing these things is a surprising amount of effort even for just once a month. Or maybe I’m just really bad at life! Either way it’s too much for me!

Best Buy 60$ gift card entries

  • February: Abracadaniel
  • March: Cloudpersona
  • April: Quiddity
  • May: SirMarth
  • June: Twinklings/Novibear
  • July: Abracadaniel
  • August: Kidechka
  • September: KCet
  • October: Datacide
  • Nov-Dec: no one
  • January: Quiddity
  • February: Ramen

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