I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Feedback TAYlendar

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Good morning TAY! This is the community calendar Monday blip! San Diego Comic Con has warp up, and July is almost over. Hope we get to read stories on some expericence this year if anyone had the wonderful experience to go *Cough Twizn *Cough. We have Summer Games done Quick charity marathons that raise charity funds to be donated to causes for autism, cancer prevention, and the global CARE relief agency coming up. Checking it out!


Also would like to hear some feedback on the TAYlendar for this blip.

Since there has been no input for October, I wonder if there should be some changes to what can be added or if some are confused. Have question on how the TAYlendar works? This is a community calendar and all the content is added by you guys.


EDIT: Oops Here is the link to the TAYlendar!

After some Feedback...

  • Dark Green is reserved for games releases you know about(don't go out of you way if you don't know any!). [GBD]
  • Instead of using the standard black, an event can have a custom color; it means you want to meet up with fellow TAYers for that set event. [Astrokid]
  • Let TAYer know who it is, by typing your username in that set color in the section labeled 'notes'.

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