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Final Fantasy XV Multiplayer Expansion Launches Today

Whats up! Final Fantasy XV ended up being much better than I thought it would be. It was launched as an unfinished game with a story and characters that deserved to be much more fleshed out. The foundation of a game that was initially given to us had the potential to be one of the best Final Fantasy titles of all time. While the final product wasn’t perfect I applaud Square Enix for being brave enough to take the Final Fantasy series in a bold new direction. Developers should be celebrated for taking risks even if they don’t always pan out.

I really enjoyed my time with the game. Today they are launching a multiplayer expansion, for those of you that enjoyed the combat system this should be right up your alley. The expansion itself is $19.99, if you have the season pass then you already have access to the expansion and should be able to download it today. The season pass still runs for $24.99 so its a much better deal than just buying the multiplayer expansion.


I didn’t get a chance to play the Beta for the multiplayer but am looking forward to returning to Final Fantasy XV. For the expansion you get to create your own character which will level up and get gear on its own separate from the main game. The expansion takes place after the events of Chapter 13 in the main storyline. I don’t want to list any spoilers here but at the time of my initial play through I was very interested in seeing if they did anything with the aftermath of Chapter 13, now I know what they had planned and couldn’t be more excited! Heres the official trailer for the launch of the multiplayer expansion for FF XV.

Interested in getting into Final Fantasy XV? Here’s the games opening sequence which I think is one of the best intros to an RPG.

If you missed out on it last year this is a great time to pick the game up. Since launch Final Fantasy XV has seen serious amounts of content added to the game. The main story line should be feel more complete as well as some of the gameplay segments. I am looking forward to playing through the game again soon. Want some more thoughts on Final Fantasy XV? Want to get down on this multiplayer expansion with me? Feel free to hit me up on Discord, in the comments, or message me on PSN!


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