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FFXIV Voice Actress Found Murdered - UPDATED 4/29

Sian Blake, voice actress of Yugiri in Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward, was found murdered along with her two children (ages four and eight), after being missing for nearly a month. Her husband has also been missing since December 16th.




The original source has updated that the husband/boyfriend (I’m seeing conflicting reports on what he really was) had arrived in Ghana some days after his disappearance on the 16th. He has not been found yet.


Update 1/11:


The boyfriend of Sian Blake has been captured in Ghana and will be facing extradition. He had to be smoked out of a thicket where he was hiding armed with a knife.


Update 1/14:

Square Enix speaks out on the death of Sian Blake and her two sons.

Yesterday, I received unfortunate news from the agency of British voice talent Sian Blake confirming the passing of Sian and her two children.

Sian was a gifted actress, her masterful portrayal of Yugiri leaving a lasting impression amongst our fans. I had hoped she would be with us for many more performances to come.

I am deeply saddened by this tragedy and offer to Sian and her children my sincerest prayers.

FINAL FANTASY XIV Producer & Director, Naoki Yoshida

There are no words to describe the shock and disbelief we felt upon hearing the tragic news about Sian Blake and her two young sons.

Though we only had the chance to work with Sian for a short time, we were glad to have such an accomplished and dedicated actress on the project. She brought life to a character dear to our hearts, and we will always be grateful for her contribution.

Our thoughts are with her family and friends.

-English Localization Team

Update 2/12:

Arthur Simpson-Kent has officially been arrested and charged for the murder of Sian Blake and her two sons after disembarking a plane from Ghana. His court date has yet to be determined. An investigation into Scotland Yard’s procedures has begun to determine why the missing persons inquiry was handled poorly and why it took three weeks to find the bodies buried at the victim’s home.


Update 4/29:

Arthur Simpson-Kent has admitted to killing Sian Blake and her children. No formal plea has been entered yet.


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