This is it. There are no undead kings, no demi-gods, no dragons to slay. You're no hero of old. It's a cold, ruthless battle to the death. And it's against someone you once called friend.

In honor of what will undoubtedly come to be known as "Smash Day", I bring to you this topic of discussion. Were there some sort of tournament of martial prowess against your fellow TAYers, how would it go down? Would you take up arms against one another, or simply cower in the corner and wait for the fallout?

On the table for discussion will be your personal style of fighting, perhaps a list of strengths and weaknesses as well? Do you have any special attacks, some hidden power that only you know exists? Who would be your preferred foe be in this all out war?

To kick things off, I'll go first.

The pen is mightier than the sword, and so that is what I shall use to do my fighting. Standing in the back, may pen and paper be my sword and shield. My foes will come to battle expecting the scholarly type, and instead find themselves facing a summoner who weaves worlds of words without worry. With but a few lines, I'd call forth my characters to fight for me. Locke, the Black Rook, who fights with animate weapons. Voltaire, the Meteor Master, who rips fallen stars from the heavens. And, yes, even Rosalyn who never misses a shot.


Those who can stand against my summoned army may find me easy to defeat. I'm just a simple wordsmith, after all.

My foe of choice would be Aikage. I stand against his reign of Furby-inspired terror. No longer shall they infest the world, repeating a select number of words at random and freaking people out with their weird eyes and beak-mouth contraption!

So, then, what are you all waiting for? Fight Amongst Yourselves!