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With the event in FFBE where trails cost half the stamina they normally do, I’ve made it my goal to beat all of the current trials before the event ends. From my previous two articles on FFBE’s trials, I’ve made a good amount of progress and now I only need to complete 1 more normal trial and 1 more 10-man trial.

Now here are my thoughts on the trials I beat!


Initially, I thought this trial would be a huge pain in the ass to beat, but once I did a little theorycrafting the trial turned into a joke. The main gimmick of this fight is that the boss uses a ton of strong skills every other turn and in between those turns he doesn’t act unless you hit him.

I was dreading this fight because the strategies for this fight I looked up had incredibly specialized and overpowered equipment with the exception of one strategy, which used the “hide” ability. The hide ability allowed the units that used it to become intangible for 1 turn, which made it easy to avoid the massive nukes from the boss.

So I brought two strong DPS units to the fight alongside 3 units that could use hide. Although my team was pretty budgeted, I did have to throw a double cast materia on one of my hiders so that I could revive my two DPS units that got nuked down. After I jumped into this fight with this team, the entire battle was a cakewalk.


This trial was a paaaaaain, not because the monsters were hard, but because it was so long. This trial had multiple fights with strong monsters and some of those fights dragged on for so long because the monsters had so much health and the damage dealers I was using didn’t synergize well together. Eventually, I had to switch out my Onion Knight for Orlandeu (from FF Tactics) so that I could kill the bosses quicker and more consistently.

Once I got my team set up, the only real trouble I faced in the fight was with the 4th fight with the kraken. This annoying squid would start spamming this giant aoe physically damaging move once he got low enough, that couldn’t be dodged. It was a pain dealing with this spam because I couldn’t use my evasion tank to block all his BS. So I ended up bursting him down before he could start spamming this specific attack and then finished off the final fight with little trouble



Chamber of Arms - Aldhafera

For a 10-man trial, this trial was extremely easy. It was just so easy to control what the boss did. Specifically, all I need was a 100% evasion tank that can 100% provoke the boss and cover my team from physical damage. Though Warrior of Light could have covered this job, I used mother friken Noctis to get this done with the aid of illusionist Nichol to get the job done.


I specifically used this Noctis and i!Nichol combo because if I wanted to cheese this boss, I had to use counter attacks to reduce the boss’ hp past 50% and Notctis has a ton of counter attacks. Plus, I got to equip Noctis with the shitty materia from the Intanagir trial that would allow him to cast meteor on a counter attack, but this counter attack had a low chance of activation. In any case, I pulled off the counter attack cheese and then I bursted the boss down from 50% health.

I only have 2 trials left to complete if I exclude the optional trial from Madam Manor. I don’t think I’ll complete either trial by next week because I don’t have the right equipment to beat one and the other one is a 10 man trial and there isn’t a half stamina event for the 10-man trials.


If you need some tips on how to beat any of the trials in FFBE, give me a holler and I’ll try to help you out.

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