Recently there was an event in FFBE where all the chamber of the fallen missions were half stamina and to get these missions out of the way, I dove back into these ultra hard missions before the event ended. Also, you can find my previous articles on beating these FFBE trials here and here.

This trial came out like last week and I managed to blast (no pun intended) through it in a couple of days after it came out despite its rather specific completion requirements. To beat this trial, I basically had to have 3 damage deals who could do specific different elemental damage to all of the different enemies in the trial. Luckily, I have Onion Knight who could cover multiple elements and I had a friend unit that could burst down one of the main bosses from full health with the right set up. Plus, I have the equipment that’d allow my Warrior of Light to tank all the damage from the bosses, which made the trial easy to tackle

I had everything set up to crush this trial in one go, but I had a brain fart and I didn’t kill both of the main bosses on the same turn, which made the live boss summon a bunch of minions that I couldn’t hurt since I didn’t have the right set up. So, my first run was a bust and because of the boneheaded friend unit system of FFBE wouldn’t let me use the specific friend unit that could burst down one of the bosses for a whole three hours... After this 3 hour period, I got the specific friend unit I needed and then crushed the trial.


Chamber of Arms - Tegmine

Jesus this trial was frustrating. I had the units and equipment to tank and damage the boss through its first two phases, but I simply didn’t have the best chainers to burst him down in his final phase.


Basically, I equipped my magic tank with enough light resistant gear so that he wouldn’t take damage from the boss’ first form while I had Noctis evade tank the boss’ single target skills and then took my sweet time to grind down his first phase. Second phase, I swapped in magic tankl with illusionist Nichol so that he could make my Noctis absorb all the aoe physical damage that the 2nd phase would dish out… The more I think about all the trials I conquered, I used a physical tank to trivialize each trial… it’s kinda sad.

Anyways, I struggled to finish of the last phase of this trial because I didn’t have the best chainers to burst the boss down in one turn. So, I had to equip one of my other units with an elemental debuff skill that I got from a previous trial to help kill the boss in one shot once he got to his final phase. With a bit of luck with my Noctis’ damage, I managed to kill the boss right as he swapped to his 3rd phase.


Titan 3* Trial

After the hell that was the Tegmine fight, Titan’s trial was a complete push over. I basically had Warrior of Light evade tank all of Titan’s aoe attacks while I had the rest of my team basically whale on him until he got close to 50%. Once I got Titan low enough, I just burst him down with Dragonlord so I could skip his annoying second phase. Man, evade tanking just makes this game’s most difficult challenges a joke.


Laksmi 3* Trail

Like Titan’s 3* trial, Laksmi’s trial was pretty much broken by my evade tank. Instead of bringing an aoe evade tank, I brought Noctis to provoke evade tank Laksmi since she only did aoe magic attacks and single target physical attacks. I would have brought a magic evade tank to the fight, but there isn’t enough equipment to allow me to evade tank magic in the game yet.

I simply brought my MS Nichol to the fight and had him reduce the aoe light magic damage the boss did because he could buff my entire team’s light damage by 70%. Even with this light resistance skill, my units were barely surviving Laksmi’s aoe magic attack… until I remembered that I could debuff her attack and magic with one of my units by 45%... That basically made Laksmi’s damage non-existent and she effectively turned into a glorified training dummy after that point. After a couple more turns she went down with a whimper.


Now, I’ve finally beaten all the trials that have come out… well until the game releases more trials. Whatever FFBE throws at me, I’ll be able to take it down because I have the equipment and units to evade tank most bosses in the game.