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Final Fantasy VI: Attempt by Jolly # ????

My not-so-secret shame. As big a Final Fantasy fan as I am, and I’ve never completed this game. Not for lack of trying. I’ve started it dozens of times. I’ve suplexed the ghost train. I’ve enjoyed the opera. I know Terra’s big secret. But that’s about it. It always seems that right about the time Terra flies off, I lose interest.

Not this time. I refuse, dammit! This is the game constantly brought up when discussing “best or favorite FF games”. You see it mentioned at least once, in hushed whispers, when people discuss “best game of all time”. Only Chrono Trigger gets as much love. And I have to know why. It has some amazing music, some cool characters, and some pretty cool moments, but nothing I’ve seen so far explains the reasons FFVI fanboys and FFVII fanboys are unable to live in peace and harmony.


So tonight begins my latest attempt to find out why. I’ve just recently wrapped up a few games, and have a couple of weeks before my next game release. This seems the perfect time to finally have the mystery answered. You know, before I end up an old man on my deathbed, “Why Final Fantasy 6?” becoming my final statement to world before slipping off to the great nothing beyond.

I swear, I’m going to complete it this time.

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