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Final Fantasy VI Playthrough Log 1

I started the playthrough last night as I said I would. Made it as far as the first time you have to select scenarios. Then today I chose the Sabin scenario.

I have to start this off with talking about the music of this game. Absolutely phenomenal. ‘Awakening’ is probably one of my favorite Final Fantasy pieces ever.


Man, screw that Ultros fight. Dude party wiped me several times. Though I did have a first during my final attempt. Ultros had most of my party down to 1 hp. Terra struck randomly with some major attack that did 2000+ damage and ended the fight right then and there. Holy crap! Is that a normal thing? Does everybody get some sort of super attack at 1 hp?

Pushing past that, I chose the Sabin scenario of the three, simply because in past experience it has seemed by far the longest. I’m a bit mixed on this scenario. I really like the attack on Doma, and the whole deal with the Phantom Train. But being stuck with just Sabin and Cyan, and Shadow for the whole 5 minutes he decided to stick around, really sucked. Especially because there wasn’t a freaking store anywhere in the whole thing and I had a grand total of 5 potions and 3 phoenix downs.

I ended today’s session with adding Gau to my party. I’ve never been too sure what to make of him. Tomorrow I’ll go with him to find his shiny!

Thanks to all of you who pushed me to go through with this. Maybe together, we can all get me through this game finally.

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