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Final Fantasy VI Playthrough Log: To Jidoor And Back Again

Picking right up where I left off yesterday, I followed Gau to his “shiny” and picked up the diving helmet. I’m not quite sure how all three characters shared one dive helmet to cross the ocean, but whatever. I’m still kind of irritated at myself for not taking a right in the underwater tunnels. Probably missed something good.

Anyways, finished up the Sabin scenario, rushed through both the Locke scenario and Terra scenarios, and began pushing through the furthest I’ve ever made it in this game. Got through the whole big thing where Terra flies off, and the chase was on.


I realize now why I’ve never gotten past this point. The multiple town search for Terra really slows things down. At least the opera house scene always entertains. Afterwards, I took the airship across the sea to the empire’s magitek factory. Getting through that seemed pretty easy, and now I’m ready to head off towards the esper’s world.

I apologize if this entry seems rushed or I seem disinterested. I’ve done this part a thousand times. But we’re finally here. I’m saved right outside the imperial town that blocks the gate. One more step, and it’s all new territory for me. I’m excited to see where this goes!

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