Continuing on, I headed through the cave towards the Esper world, excited to see what awaited.

I stuck around the cave for a while, using it as a pretty decent area to grind out some levels and GP. I really enjoyed the entirety of the next sequence of plot events. The espers going crazy, the dinner with Gesthal, meeting Strago and Relm. I loved the entire house on fire area. I still think that was an interesting way to do a rescue mission, and I’m considering stealing it and adapting it for my D&D game.

And man, the whole murder of General Leo and the espers by Kefka was really well done. I’m not quite as big a fan of how the Floating Continent was designed though. Still, totally worth it to see Kefka murder the emperor and realign the statues, tearing the world apart a the seams.

Holy shit.

I finally see why Kefka has gotten the praise he does as a villain. He actually accomplishes his goal, ruthlessly and efficiently. It’s like if Sephiroth actually managed to have Meteor hit the world and absorbed the lifestream energy like he wanted, and Cloud and co. had to figure out a way to save the world after all of that. The whole thing was really well done.


Waking up as Celes a year later was surprising. I’m a bit embarrassed to admit though how long it took me to realize I had to feed Cid fish more than once to advance the story. I was stunned by her subsequent suicide attempt. Holy shit again, Square.

I think I’m finally beginning to understand why this game gets the praise it does. I’m saved here, waiting to march into the ruined world and find my friends. I have to thank you guys again for your support for this little project. I doubt I’d have ever pushed through to see this amazing stuff if it hadn’t been for you. I’d like to hear some of your opinions on this whole section of the game. Likes? Dislikes?