I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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I had no idea this was launching today but everyone’s first glimpse at the much anticipated Final Fantasy VII Remake is live on North American PSN. I don’t know if this is technically a stealth launch but it is free and ready to download without a preorder. Just go to the demo section on the PSN store. Heres a few quick take aways,

1. The battle system is better than I ever could have thought possible. The enemy targeting is a little lame but I’m already looking forward to April. I’ll probably wonder till then whether I actually wanted this to be a FFVII Remake or Final Fantasy XVI.


2. Do I really need detailed, voice-acted versions of the FFVII cast or would it have been better left to my imagination from 1997?

3. There is an incredible amount of detail squeezed into the demo. As a fan I would prepare to be waiting for them to finish all chapters of the game probably sometime around 2030.

I was already in bed when I found out that the FFVII Remake demo was available on PSN (which got me out of bed). I didn’t believe it until I had it downloaded and was playing it. I decided to stream so I could capture the gameplay and share it here.

Thats it!

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