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After a decade of anticipation, the next major story in the epic Final Fantasy series has been unleashed upon the world. Final Fantasy XV is getting generally positive reviews in the West if Metacritic is any indication with thirty-four positive, two mixed, and zero negative critic reviews so far. It even has a solid 8 on the user reviews for PS4, which is strong for a game that is often as polarizing as Final Fantasy can be.

In Japan, the game is receiving similarly positive reviews with popular video game magazine (and assumed payola-receiver) Famitsu giving it a whopping 40/40 (joining at least twenty-four other “perfect” games like Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle, The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, and Kid Icarus: Uprising).


Given all these positive impressions, it is expected that user reviews on giant online megastore Amazon would be largely positive as well. But apparently something is significantly wrong with the Xbox One version of Final Fantasy XV in Japan specifically, as the game has the lowest possible rating (one star out of five) with twenty user reviews! (Note: The other Xbox One versions of the game have just four reviews total, probably owing to the fact that the Xbox One sells just double-digit units in many months and is very unpopular in Japan.)

Final Fantasy XV Deluxe Edition has one star with 20 customer reviews on Amazon.co.jp.

Why is the Xbox One version reviewing so poorly among Amazon customers in Japan? Let’s look at the reviews themselves to find out!

Review #1:



Protect yourself by checking before you buy.

Like everyone else has written, I mistakenly bought the XBOX version.

When I first purchased this, I don’t feel that it said that this was the XBOX version.

When you go to buy this, you should really check the image.

I returned this and bought the digital version. 

Review #2:



I froze after opening.

I made a mistake...

When I reserved this on the first day, was it described as the xbox version?

Even though I confirmed it several times?

I would really like to exchange this for the PS4 version.

Review #3:



Please note that this is the Xbox version so you don’t make a mistake

Like a lot of the other reviewers have written, this didn’t originally say that it was the Xbox version. If you look really carefully at the image, you could see that it was for the Xbox, but “Xbox” was not written there. Since there was nothing wrong with the product, there is a shipping fee for returning it and it cannot be done for a week. Now it’s triple trouble.


Review #4:



This game’s launch date was the saddest

I was really looking forward to it, but the moment I opened the box, I froze. I thought it was the ps4 version, but it was the xboxone version. I don’t think that’s how it had been described on the page...

This is the first time I’ve ever been so sad on a launch day.

Review #5:



So many are surprised

With so many people buying this by mistake, there must have been a problem with the title.

I want you to write “[PS4]” and the model first.

You really need to improve this type of thing by including important model information at the end even if it results in a long title.


For reference, every single one of the twenty one-star reviews for this version of the game reports mistakenly thinking this was for the PS4 version


Right now, it does say “Xbox One” in the title of the product (both in standard and mobile browsers), but it’s not clear at this point whether the title of the product page here said “Xbox One” initially or not. However, it does seem regardless of whether or not it said “Xbox One” initially, many Japanese customers accidentally bought the Xbox One version thinking they were ordering the PS4 version.

Of course, user reviews are generally expected to be reviews of the product itself and not reviews of Amazon’s service, page layout, shipping, et cetera. But often times these types of complaints do end up on the reviews page of products on Amazon.


Regardless, I thought it was kind of sad that the poor Xbox One version of this game got panned on Japanese Amazon because people mistakenly thought it was supposed to be the PS4 version. At the same time, I felt genuinely bad for people who made this mistake because I’m sure they, like me, were anxiously awaiting their long-anticipated copy of Final Fantasy XV, only to rip open the box and “freeze” in horror when they realized it wasn’t the version they could use.

The Xbox One can’t seem to catch a break in the Land of the Rising Sun.

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