I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
Illustration for article titled iFinal Fantasy XV /iwill receive ai /iWorld Wide Release

Well it seems Gamespot was holding something back after all from the interview with Hajime Tabata which also revealed that XV will be getting a 2016 Release Date. Well acording to Tabata XV will recieved the first world wide simultanious release for any Final Fantasy game which is of course great news. No more waiting, no more Japanese teases, and generally a brand new world everyone gets to experience at the same time.


Furthermore it’ll be good from a review standpoint as the entire world gets a chance to render its verdict at the same time. A marked change from the release of Final Fantasy XIII where Famitsu’s suprise non-perfect score and “Too linear” complaint effectively become as synonymous with the game as the game itself something two very non-liner sequels couldn’t wash away.

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