Hello fellow TAYers, it’s Friday, and Friday calls for shenanigans. Last week I proposed the “Find me” game which was interesting and fun, we had some really cheesy videos there. Zarnyx won and will call for the topic of this week’s game. The rules are below, I changed them a bit increasing the submission of entries time limit and decreasing the extra voting time.

Let’s have some fun?


  1. Only one post per user
  2. Only direct replies to the topic are valid (replies to replies are not valid)
  3. Answers are only valid if submitted within the 48h of the original posting of last week’s winner.
  4. After the first 48 hours, there will be another 24 hours for voting done by recommendations on the answers. On Monday I’ll count the stars and whoever has the most wins two very important prizes, Bragging rights and calling the next “Find me” when I open it up next week.

Right TAYers, the subject is BREAK UP SONGS, set up by Zarnyx:

Okay! Well, here’s something topical.

As we all know, we went through a bit of an Unconscious Uncoupling yesterday between the sub-blogs and the parent sites.

We’ll stick with a music theme this week: Find me The Best Break Up Song.

The breaking up/wallowing in self pity/angry at the world/in denial stages/happy as all hell — are all welcome. Whatever stage you’re at from our break up with Kotaku, express all those emotions for this challenge.


Ready, set... get out your kleenex and handkerchiefs... GO!