I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

I need a job. That much is certain.

What, when, where, why, and how are the things I’m less sure of.

I know this may come as a surprise to some people here, but I’m actually quite lazy in some regards. I’ve always worked hard at school, sometimes to an extremely destructive degree, I’ve worked hard at acting, and, you know, I’ve written an article or two. But when it comes to chores, hygiene, exercise, organization, and overall having the mundane but important details in my life straightened out, you’ll realize how much of a slob I can be. While I have improved considerably on most of the things listed, more and more responsibilities are emerging to take their place, and the two most recent ones are driving and having a job.


And after nearly a month of trying to get my temps through studying the rules of two different states (yes, there are contradictions), getting denied from taking the written test on one of said states, standing in line for nearly an hour to realize that they didn’t do tests there, finally going to the right place after roughly another hour of waiting, and actually taking the darn test, I finally have the damn permit! Aaaand I leave for college in a month, to which I’m definitely not taking a car. So that’s pretty much done until next summer.

And thus, we move on to jobs. I’ve held a few unofficial, non-tax-paying jobs both for my own family and others, such as babysitting, lawn mowing, cleaning bathrooms, vacuuming, etc. I also “work” for KeenGamer, and while I’ve since come around on them for being a good learning experience for me (and I get free games now), any pay I’ve hypothetically received (because I haven’t) has been less for me in ten months than a grocer boy in 1880 could make in a single month. I’ve also done honest-to-goodness “work” serving food at an annual fish fry for seven years, but I didn’t get paid for any of that.

I’m trying to change that, but when you’re in two different states one part of the summer and in a third for the other part, it’s tough to find a stable job. I’ve already applied to a job at my actual university, but I really should find a job in the meantime.

Perhaps I’m too picky. I want to work somewhere I enjoy being, like a cafe, bakery, or game shop. Of course there aren’t any open jobs for those places. There are plenty of openings for McDonalds, Wendy’s, etc. The usual suspects. I’ve resisted for a long time, but I might be running out of options. I’ve applied to work at a snow cone shop, and if that doesn’t turn out, then fast food it is.


And on the other hand, there’s paid writing online. I adore writing for TAY; it’s one of the things in life where I wake up excited because I get to write here in such a fantastic community. But it’s also volunteer work, which is a lot less impressive to any future potential internships or even jobs at the big leagues: IGN, Polygon, Kotaku, etc. If I want to someday make it big, I’ll likely have to first make it small.

Applying for freelancing writing jobs can be really frustrating, because it’s often not obvious where to contact. For example, I thought I’d contact NF Magazine to offer to do freelance work, but after going through their website, Patreon page, and physical magazines multiple times, I can’t find any email addresses whatsoever! I’m not saying I’d be likely to land a freelancing job there, but I haven’t even been given a chance. If you can find any way to contact the people at NF Magazine about freelancing work, please let me know!


But even when it is obvious who to contact, it can still be difficult. The one roadblock I keep on running into is the “only accepting applicants 18 and up,” one that I’ll fortunately be rid of in a few weeks. Location usually isn’t an issue, though it might be for any internships. And even with about 150 articles under my belt, I’ve still only been writing about games for around two years, which isn’t that much time to know all the ins and outs of journalism. That’s why I’ve decided to major in journalism for college, but that’s not helping me out right now.

I’ve put off writing this article for a while, because it sounds really, really whiny, and I don’t like that. But after about five hours of working on it, I think I’m going to call defeat on this one. Know that I’m not constantly despairing how I don’t have every single opportunity right now. If anything, I’m getting any worries off my chest here so I can leave them on the page and go back to having my usual positive attitude. Plus, I need something for today. That’s the nature of “SixTAY Days of Writing,” isn’t it?


That said, I did recently find two openings for online writing jobs, and I’ll be applying to both of them within 24 hours, so help me gosh. Feel free to leave any suggestions in the comments below, for irl or online applications!

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