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I'm really feeling it!
Illustration for article titled [Update: They Apologized]Fine Bros Try To TradeMark React Videos, Regrets Decision Immediately

The Fine Brothers, creators of the popular “X Reacts” videos are currently trying and force every reaction video or channel on youtube to apply, and pay for a license. Theres currently a stream on youtube measuring how fast their subscriber count is going down. In just 4 days, the channel has lost almost 400 thousand subscribers.

[Update: 8.16 PM PST 2/1/16]: The Fine Bros have apologized for the attempted trademark, citing their mistake as a “system that could easily be used for wrong.” You can find their full apology here.


[Update: 7.38 PM PST 2/1/16]: The Fine Bros have removed both videos relating to React World, likely as a result of Trademark opposition. I will update this when there is new information.

In a video titled “REACT AROUND THE WORLD,” the Fine Bros explained their new program to have every react video on youtube licensed. How does this positively affects any youtuber? “Brand Deals” and “Graphics Packages” which are things you can get already do in one of several ways, including but not limited to: Picking up the phone and calling companies who you want sponsorships from (way more youtubers do this than you realize), paying a few dollars for a graphics package online (that includes photoshop for 8.99 a month instead of the revenue cut fine bros would take). There are just so many problems with them taking a cut of something most youtubers could get for free.

Nevertheless, this is actually a borderline illegal move as it is an attempt at a blanket monopolization of a certain form of entertainment.

The video compares their system to the “X got Talent” shows, which are completely legal. What the Fine Bros do not understand is that makes no sense whatsoever. The Fine Bros think that means that any React video is a part of their IP. That is not at all the case. Anyone has the right to make a show called “Talent of America” or the such, as long as the show itself is different to a degree that it can be distinguishable from “America’s Got Talent.” This is called Fair Use. The IP owners of the “Got Talent” shows do not own every single Talent show on television, because that’s A: a monopoly, and B: completely anti-consumer.


The problem with this is that its exploiting youtube’s copyright system. How? Fine Bros is copyright ID’ing every react channel right now. Yep. That includes the hundreds of thousands or even millions of react videos all over youtube. Of course, Fine Bros realized “oh shit we could sued several hundred times better backpedal as hard as we can.” They then released a video simply titled “Update” which compares youtube channels to burger king franchises. The logic here brings me great pain.

This decision pissed off so many people, there is currently a livestream on youtube measuring how fast the channel is losing subscribers, which has had a concurrent 5 thousand viewers for the past two days. Correction, the stream has been on and off for the past two days, but during the channel’s first 4 hours of streaming on the day of this post, Fine Bros lost 30 thousand subscribers.

Obviously nobody thinks this makes any sense, so every big youtuber is reacting to this (not even a pun at this point) in the best way possible: React videos!

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