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“It is done. At last it is done. By killing me here, you have rewarded me more than you could possibly know.” - Kreia

The quote fits. In this instance, I am Kreia, and ThePickyGamer is the exile. He accomplished something extraordinary and helped me to do the same. Writing an article everyday for sixty days, in the summer, at times felt like murder. But nothing worth doing is ever easy.


It was my brother that ultimately convinced me to participate. When it was announced, I automatically assumed that I can’t do it. But I said, screw it, my brother is right, I might as well try. Even if I write crap, it’s something, and believe me, most of what I wrote was throw-away garbage.

But would you look at that? I did it and I ended up not missing a single day. This morning as I was reading ThePickyGamer’s post and seeing my name there; the first thing I thought was: What would I be feeling right now if I had not participated and saw all the other names? Sure, he wrote my name wrong, but he was tired, so he gets the pass.

I’m sure you’re all familiar with this situation: A boy fancies a girl, but doesn’t have the courage to go talk to her. Older people around him tell him that if he doesn’t do it, he’ll regret it for the rest of his life. There have been many girls throughout my life that I wish I could have interacted it. But I never regretted not talking to them. I always say: “I would have screwed it up anyway.” I can say with confidence, I would have regretted not taking part in this challenge.

I did this challenge while I also kept working on a YouTube channel. Yesterday was the final day and yesterday was the day I hit 1000 subscribers. It took me about 2 years, and while I knew it was only a matter of time, it was less than I was expecting.


It made me wonder why it is that producing online content, like on YouTube, and even Tay, is so appealing to me. It was scary at first, but little by little it gets more comfortable. I worked an office job once as an intern and it taught me a valuable lesson. I never want to do that again.

YouTube is appealing because, unlike a regular job, advancement is not based off the whims of one person. A person is highly corruptible. A person can keep you from moving up the ladder, just because they don’t like you. But any promotion you receive as someone who is self employed, is based mainly off the effort you place in it. It may be the closest thing to a true meritocracy there is.


But back to the Sixtay challenge. I ended up using several methods to basically avoid writing a full article. I used my Static series to talk about multiple topics when I didn’t have enough to say for a full article. I had been using wordpress to keep track of esports events I wanted to watch. Wordpress started malfunctioning, so I started doing it here. I figured that if I add a little blurb for each event, it can qualify as an article. Compete also went belly up, so I decided that I’ll keep doing it every Thursday. I just hope people can find it.

I tricked people into reading an article, thinking I was gonna miss a day. Kinja attempted to demoralize me into quitting. But I told a story about almost shitting myself, in graphic detail, instead. But my favorite article to write was the story of the first gaming convention I ever attended. I made a lot of recordings on my phone, but they were erased somehow. So a lot of it I had to write based on memory. Thankfully it was a memorable event.


I wish I could have written more quality articles and I wish I could have commented on other articles a lot more. But you know what? Fuck it. I made it. After all this, I think I can take a break to not burn out and I can focus more on the YouTube side of things. At least until the end of summer.

My favorite author, David Wong, said that he used to work an office job before becoming a writer. One article a week, that’s how he started. I think the emotion I’m feeling right now is what people must call confidence. After writing an article every day for sixtay days, I think committing to an article a week should be a piece of cake. Even if I miss a week, there was that time, a man who is picky about his games, had me prove to myself that I can do better.

Papito Qinn is into the whole YouTube thing, is the winner of the 2016 SpookTAYcular Scary Story Contest, and atwitter incompetent. “That’s just the tip of this iceberg.”

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