I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

Fire Emblem Heroes’ newest mode, Rokkr Sieges, adds a boss raid mode featuring giant shadow versions of heroes with unique skills exclusive to them. While I’m still grinding away at the new mode and testing out a few team builds, a very interesting new character was quietly sneaked in that deserves special mention as this may be hinting something bigger down the pipeline.

Though Rokkr Sieges is a standalone mode not tied with the main campaign, it’s hard to imagine Intelligent Systems made a new hero without any intention to incorporate them into the game’s lore at some point, so consider this a possible spoiler:

Here’s a quick overview of the new mode along with the new character:

And here is the brief cutscene that plays when you first boot up Rokkr Sieges:

With Heroes already drawing heavily from Norse mythology, it was only a matter of time before it introduced its take on probably the most well known god: Thor. Though not officially added as a unit yet, some dataminers have already pulled the official artwork from the latest update:

Illustration for article titled Fire Emblem Heroes Just Introduced This Norse Legend

As with Loki, this is quite the spin on the legend! As for what role the goddess of thunder will take in Heroes, there is a brief hint in her exchange with Loki. They both appear to answer to Alföðr, which can refer to “allfather,” more commonly associated with Odin.

There are some theories floating around as to how this relates to the mythology, but as we’ve already seen with existing characters, anything is possible. My guess is this is probably an early tease for Book IV once we finish the Hel arc or the Allfather and his (or her!) direct subordinates might be paying a visit to Askr/Embla down the road during Book III assuming it doesn’t finish until the end of the year/early next year.


As for when Thorr will be officially added, it could be as early as the next Mystic Hero summon this month, which seems like the safest bet. Another exciting possibility is that she could be the next free unit for the inevitable Book IV if she is the focus of the next chapter, assuming another character joins Askr’s main team. It’s a long shot given both Loki and Thorr seem to be neutral agents rather than active participants (though that hasn’t stopped Loki from acting on a whim as shown here).

To be honest, I was kind of expecting a mage unit given Mjolnir exists in the Fire Emblem lore as a magic tome (wielded by Ishtar in this game), but she will clearly be a green axe unit. I’m gonna speculate she comes with at least Distant Counter and possibly some decent Resistance (green axes have notoriously low Res with few exceptions). It would be fittingly appropriate if she came equipped with Growing or Rising Thunder, if not a unique special altogether.


So what’s your take on the goddess of thunder and where the game goes from here as we delve deeper into the Norse pantheon? Who do you want to see added next?

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