Hit percentages will make or break you, so let's rank them!

10. 60% - Enough of a chance to make you want to take risks, but a very realistic chance of getting hit. The hit percentage of your useless npc allies.

9. 50% - For those moments when you place a unit within an enemy's attack range with not enough health to survive and oh dear lord no I don't want to restart the level again.

8. 75% When that myrmidon or mercenary attacks you with a sword and even though you're using a lance you fall victim to their disappointingly accurate blows.

7. 30% - That moment when you first hit the mid-point of the game and can start consistently seeing this number, realizing "hey my characters are pretty strong!".


6. 6% - The shock you feel when your Pegasus knight (You had one job Sumia!) gets nailed by that archer despite this percentage.

5. 67% - When you have the boss one attack from dying and needing to make this next attack to finish the chapter and save your other characters from the brink of death.

4. 82% - The Chapter 2 cavalier attacking an axe-wielding brigand with his sword to demonstrate the weapon triangle percentage.


3. 78% - Every Fire Emblem player reaches the point where 78% feels like a massive chance to take on attacking the enemy. Welcome to the fandom.

2. 0% - Lyn at the end of Fire Emblem facing lance wielders, with no one able to hit her as she tears apart the enemy.

1. 100% - The bringer of overwhelming assurance or crushing sadness. Play through Fire Emblem and you shall know both.