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"First Play": Another World 20th Anniversary Edition

Did you notice those brackets up in the title? That's because this is hardly my first time playing "Another World". I have finished the Amiga original back in 1991, re-finished it on PC years later and even played to completion the Super Nintendo version a few more years later. Today Eric Cháhi timeless masterpiece graced every console digital shop out there. For the first time ever, current generation hardware is running "Another World: 20th Anniversary Edition", an HD remake of the original released back in 2011 for PC and mobile. I picked up both 3DS and Wii U version of the game and decided to give it a "first play" that unlike my regular schedule programming I proceed in showing you exactly in how many ways you can die in the first ten minutes of this fantastic journey. Hit that play button!

It has aged very, very well indeed . But should you, yes you out there on the other side of the screen commit you hard earned cash on a straight HD port? Judge Shiryu hammer of first play impressions is coming down:

1) Have you never played or heard of this game before? Are you interested in revolutionary retro games that pushed the possibilities of what could be achieved over two decades ago? Do you like a challenge? If so:


2) Have you played the original, own this HD version on another platform or just dislike video games that will kill you seconds after the game begins? If so:

Good Gods and Aliens, now here is a TAY first: Double - Judgement!

That's right, Another World remains an absolute masterpiece. But it was made in a time where there was no gamefaqs, where you had to die, die, die until you figured what you where doing wrong. As young children back in the day, it was not easy not to get frustrated with this, but it was so unique, such an amazing landscape to explore I just soldiered on until the *spoilers* bitter-sweet ending*/spoilers*.


The choice is yours TAYlanders! The only bad one is if you ignore this release altogether, you're missing out on a relatively short but oh so very sweet sci-fi trip.

*OMAKE* A little something I did back in the day to celebrate the 20 years of the game's original release.

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