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First Play: Bayonetta

... so there was another game inside the box. And yes, this is my very first time playing Bayonetta!


Much like owning a Wii U only for the current generation of hardware, having only a Wii during the whole past generation meant that I did not get to play many quality titles. When the Wii U came out I was lead to believed third parties where going to be putting their old titles on the console but after the frist year, that whole concept sadly seems to have died out. A shame for I would become a very regular costumer of such games but it was not to be.

But tonight I begin righting a wrong, tonight I begin playing Hideki Kamiya's action master piece Bayonetta. Let's see how this goes:

Boy, have I been missing out! Should you buy this again if you already own it?

If there is something I hear recurrently is that once you finish Bayonetta, you just want to restart it again over and over. I begin to understand why, the gameplay is terribly addictive, you just want one more go. Since this version is ridiculously cheap, has dual audio and a ton of Nintendo Wii U exclusive extras, I can't but whole heartily recommend you pick this up alongside it's sequel. You will end up with two very good, definitive action games on your collection and that's really al I ever wanted: top quality Platinum Games games to play on my TV.

There goes another: Play Loud, Play HARD! ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ

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