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First Play: Bayonetta 2 Demo

Are you Shiryus? A "demo" first play? What insanity is this?

Well, I mostly decide to buy a video game almost as soon s it get announced and some first proper game play is show on a trailer. All these decades being a gamer made me have a good sense of what to expect from a game, even as far as making immune to al the PR stunts and doctored images, CGI models pretending to be in-game, etc, etc, you know the drill.


But passing up on a chance to play a demo of the sequel to one of the finest video games ever to come out out Japan a whole two weeks before the game is released in the west? No way I would do that to me or you guys and gals. Just hit play already!

OK, that was awesome! This thing hits right on every spot. Plays well, amazing graphics, awesome music... it's my very first time ever playing any Bayonetta, so apologize if I sound a little star struck. I am a huge fan of the original Devil May Cry (even more so of it's third outing) on Playstation 2, but after enforcing a one home console rule per generation, I missed out on the original Hideki Kamiya masterpiece because I choose to have only a Wii. So in a couple of weeks I will be in for a double treat: this exclusive sequel and it's acclaimed prequel all to discover and enjoy.

I will reserve judgement for the final game, since the demo is free it won't cost you anything except around 700 megabytes of Wii U internal memory space. <sarcasm> I do hope Nintendo patches this game up quickly: It runs on super smooth 60 frames-per-second and we all know that's not what this current gen is all about. So let's hope they fix this game to run at 30 fps or even better 24 fps so it more closely resembles going to the movies.</sarcasm> Honestly, I read the silliest statements online from people that should know better. Don't ever change, Ninty! And thank you in advance for another video game masterpiece, Platinum Games.

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