I'm really feeling it!

The new UbiArt Engine game is finally here. But is this digital download only platform / RPG hybrid worth it's 15 €/$ asking price? Hit play below for twenty minutes of my first time playing the game.

Note that from 21:21 I recorded the entire game credits sequence, I assume you will understand why when you start listening to the music. Oh, the music... it is alone worthy of the entire price tag!


No questions here, it's video games like these that keep me playing and eagerly waiting for the next new, non yearly copy+paste sequel thing to come along and surprise me. Ubisoft crafted something that is more then the sum of it's parts, it's simply beautiful. Go download it right now for your system of choice.

Just in case you're still in doubt, go take a look at Steve's TAY review.

Play Hard, Play Loud!

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