Welcome to my first "First Play" of 2014! In fact, the first big release for Nintendo's much unloved little console: Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze (and a couple of days before official release too!).

I began making Wii U videos since last year in order to help people decide if a game is worth investing on or not. Most of the times is me goofing off or playing really poorly because of a bad habit I got as a kid: putting the game on before reading the manual. Yes, I should know better, but learning by trying is not so bad either. Enough from me, here you have over half an hour of game play, featuring two levels, me standing still to trigger idle animations and Funky Kong!

Be sure to watch it in HD! The game itself runs very smoothly at 1080p in constant 60 fps and it's simply amazing, out of my wildest dreams. Be mindful however I'm probably biased, Donkey Kong is my favourite Nintendo character of all time. So... what is my judgement based on my First Play experience?


DKC:TF is a labour of love and the game really shows how much effort Retro Studios made in making sure this game is worthy of the "Donkey Kong Country" game series. The fact that David Wise is back at the helm in the music department also helps trigger that nostalgic feelings of good ol' SNES times. I'm also very happy about the underwater sections that were sadly absent from the previous Wii/3DS DKC. Looks like my Wii U will be on for Donkey Kong!

Still unsure if you should commit? Giant Boy Detective's extensive DKC:TF review should help remove any doubts.

Oh in case you're wondering, this is not a one-off! You can count on Wii U First Play videos of every major retail and digital release during this current year (unless something really off the charts happens to yours truly) and if all goes well, always a few days before European release date. Thanks for watching and as always: Play Hard, PLAY LOUD!

OMAKE: My 35 minute "Donkey Kong Country" orchestral suite from "SNES XX".