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First Play: Guacamelee! STCE

Me gusta la lucha! Oh yes fellow TAYlanders, I could write up this entire arTAYcle in Spanish just to mess with you, but I decided otherwise because I really need you to take notice: "Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition" is out on the Wii U! Ring the bell and hit play, it's Juan time!

Yes, I do like wrestling in case you are wondering. I don't see it much nowadays, but when I was young, I loved everything about it. I learned a lot of it from the Fire Pro Wrestling Series and the quirky Suda 51 games like "Killer 7" and "No More Heroes" just keep on fuelling the Lucha Libre insanity. So these guys came along and made a Lucha Libre Metroidvania! It was sadly absent from Nintendo platforms until today, so that up there really was my very first time playing it. And what does el Shir thing about it?


If you have a Wii U, stop whatever you're doing even if it reading this arTAYcle and go grab this 800 megabyte download of the eShop right now. Even if you played the original version, there is a lot of new content here that will make your second purchase a worthy one. Grab a friend for tag-team, double the fun antics!

Y ahora el Shir va a traer la dolor a los malditos esqueletos. Viva la raza!

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