Welcome to a new edition of "First Play", your TAY resource for unadulterated first play impressions on Wii U titles. This time LEGOfied Tolkien tale: LEGO Hobbit.

Sadly this time too a LEGO game for Wii U got pushed back a week over here, so I only got my hands on the game a few hours ago. Traveller's Tales sure got the LEGO game formula completely mastered and there is always the risk of making one game to many. Will Hobbit be a worthy addition to your collection of video games? Speaking for myself, in nearly a year and a half of Wii U's existence this is the fifth LEGO game that sits on my game shelf. When will it be enough, I do sometimes wonder ... for now, hit play for footage of my very first time playing the game:

That was certainly fun, I got a bit carried away and had no clue I had over forty minutes of gameplay recorded already, always a good thing when you loose track of time because you're having fun in a video game methinks. So, what's the judgement on this?


From the technical stand point, the game is brilliant, just like the current offerings of LEGO games out there. Before you decide to commit your hard earned cash on this one you have to ask yourself three questions:

1) How much do I love LEGO?

2) How much do I love Tolkien's "The Hobbit"?

3) How many people do I have to play this in local co-op?

If you're like me, you probably already bought the game. Sadly I do not have that many people to play it n co-op, but there are so few new physical retail games coming out on Wii U each month I just welcome something new to play (yes, I am still in a unexplainable "COD Ghosts" binge). One thing is assured if you end up buying this: You will laugh quite often while playing it.


That's all for this time, see you next week for a new edition of "First Play" where I shall take on "NES Remix Volume 2". Until then: Play Hard, PLAY LOUD! ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ