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Welcome to another entry of "First Play"! But why so late on this one, you might ask? Well that is due to something I like to call "artificial delays". You see, not all the movies première in Portugal the same time they come out in the States. When that happens, video games of said movies get pushed forward to coincide with the movies début. It makes sense, I would not like to get a movie spoiled by playing a video game two weeks before said movie got to the cinema theatres. That being said, I should have this game last Thursday. However, since nothing was awesome about this whole thing, due to legal troubles with the ruling of IGAC certifications (no music, movie or video game can be sold in Portuguese stores without a proper IGAC seal) every version of the game came out as expected... except the Wii U *sigh*. After all this madness was finally sorted today, I invite you to press play for thirty minutes of footage:

Make sure to watch in HD! Activision get's away with releasing a new "Call of Duty" every year so why not WB Games with releasing oh say four or five games under the same template from the winning formula of LEGO Travellers Tales games? Just looking at my shelf from last year I got "LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes", "LEGO Marvel Super Heroes"and the Wii U exclusive "LEGO City Undercover". Let's not forget "LEGO The Hobbit" is also just around the corner. Having that said and based on my experience, should you buy this game?


I haven't seen "LEGO The Movie", not sure if I will but not because I don't want to, I might not see it because the original English version is not on any cinema theatre in Lisbon, just the dubbed Portuguese version. This has happened before, I had to wait for the domestic DVD release of "Wreck it Ralph". It's the same reason why I don't watch dubbed anime: No matter how amazing the dub is, it's never quite the same as watching in the original voice cast. Even so, I have no problem recommending this game, it manages to be exactly what we are not expecting: A good movie game tie-in! Other facts you may want to consider when thinking of acquiring this are:

a) Your love for the movie itself.
b) Your love for LEGO and LEGO games.
c) If you have some company/children to enjoy this with.

I promised myself I wouldn't write this, but I can't resist: Yes, yes indeed, everything in this is awesome! Everything Is Awesome! Everything is cool when you're part of a TAY team! Play Hard, Play LOUD!

Omake: Giant sized LEGO block, Emmet and Supercool figurines standing outside Praça Duque do Saldanha in Lisbon.


Almost as cool as when we had Batman there for the première of "The Dark Knight". Mind you, he might as well have been there because during the weekend someone stole Emmet, so expect a giant-sized, one of a kind Emmet mini-fig to either show up on eBay or turn up at a fraternity house nearby... this is why we can't have nice things.

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