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First Play: NES Remix Volume 2

Welcome to another edition of First Play, your TAY resource for unadulterated first time playing Wii U games footage where you can make fun of me on how bad I play (what can I say, I'm camera shy).

Hit that play button for some shiryus 20 minutes of raw, unedited footage:

I might have not shine very brightly, but it sure was fun. So based on my first play impressions, should you commit your hard earned tenner on this one?


Retro games are hard to judge. They either mean a lot to you like they do to me or you have never played them in the first place. Having that stated, the new selection of NES games on Volume 2 is quite excellent. But do remember that other then the new "Super Luigi Brothers", all other games are just tiny, Wario Ware micro games style quick tests of wits and reflexes. Thus I have no problem recommending this one to anyone who loves retrogaming and enjoyed the first NES Remix offering. However I must caution younger gamers who never played any of these games before will be losing the "inside jokes" of the mini-challenges and will be better served by each of the game's complete experience on virtual console.

So that's that, this one is subjective on how much love and nostalgia yyou have for the 8-bit Nintendo offerings.I am also somewhat fearful that Nintendo will package both volumes and sell them soon in stores like they are already doing in Japan, which means I will end up buying these twice. But it's so hard to stay mad at Nintendo for long anyway, since they stated today that the future of the series (as in SNES Remix) depends on sales of these two NES remix offerings.*

Thanks for your time reading this edition of First Play. Until next time: Play Hard, PLAY LOUD! ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ


* Nintendo also stated that this did not make into 3DS because they needed more CPU. Fair enough, but I do hope to see Game Boy Remix and maybe even Game Boy Advance Remix in the future because this really is perfect for portable gaming.

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